Artists, Architects, Photographers Books

Everything/Nothing/Someone: A Memoir

Alice Carrière


The Hare with Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance

Edmund de Waal


How to Completely Lose Your Mind: A Graphic Novel Memoir of...

Elizabeth Jancewicz and Eric Stevenson


It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth

Zoe Thorogood


Art Rules: How Great Artists Think, Create and Work

Cassie Packard


Dwell Time: A Memoir of Art, Exile, and Repair

Rosa Lowinger


Zodiac: A Graphic Memoir

Ai Weiwei and Gianluca Costantini


Chasing Bright Medusas: A Life of Willa Cather

Benjamin Taylor


About Ed

Robert Gluck



Patti Smith


Holler Rat: A Memoir

Anya Liftig


William Blake vs. the World

John Higgs


Leonardo Da Vinci

Walter Isaacson