Conservation & Preservation

Architectural Paint Research

Sue Thomas and Rachel Faulding


Studying 18th-Century Paintings & Works of Art on Paper

Helen Evans and Kim Muir


Tempera Painting 1800-1950: Experiment and Innovation from...

Heike Stege, Wibke Neugebauer, et al.


Preserving Vasa

Emma Hocker


Conservation Science 2007

Joyce Townsend


Care and Conservation of Manuscripts 12

Matthew James Driscoll


Lake Artemesia in Pictures

Ulysses Weldon


Advances in Paleoimaging: Applications for Paleoanthropology,...

Ronald G. Beckett and Gerald J. Conlogue


Fine Art and Poetry V Sunshine Rainbows

Laurel Marie Sobol


Sammlungsgut in Sicherheit: Beleuchtung Und Lichtschutz....

Barbara Fischer, Klaus Fitzner, et al.


The Art Museum in Modern Times

Charles Saumarez Smith