Conservation & Preservation

The Art of Recycling

Avi Gvili and Chris Spollen


Unravelling Textiles: A Handbook for the Preservation of...

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40 Years World Heritage Convention: Popularizing the...

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Manual de Conservacion Preventiva: Museotecnica: Museotecnica

Ernesto B Marchione Augusto M Tissera


House Paints, 1900-1960: History and Use

Harriet A. L. Standeven


Collect Raindrops: The Seasons Gathered

Nikki McClure and Nikki McClure


Fine Art and Poetry VIII Morning Rays

Laurel Marie Sobol


Axt; Feile, Raspel, Schaber; Hacke, Haken, Harke, Haue

Gitta Böth, Viktor Pröstler, et al.


Framing Art On A Budget

Gail Daley