Body Art & Tattooing

Classic Flash in 5 Bold Colors

Jeromey McCulloch


Pinups: Past and Present

Jim Silke


1000 Tattoos


Yakuza Tattoo

Andreas Johansson


Japanese Tattoos: Meanings, Shapes and Motifs

Yori Moriarty


The World Atlas of Tattoo

Anna Felicity Friedman


Van Gogh Art Tattoos

Vincent Van Gogh


The Tattoo Dictionary

Trent Aitken Smith


Skull Tattoo and Doodles Patterns: A Coloring Books for Adults

Alex Summer and Tattoo Coloring Books for Adults


Tattoo Coloring Book For Adults - Super Fun Edition

Speedy Publishing LLC


101 Tattoos Adult Coloring Book: A Stress Relieving Coloring...

Viktor Jackson Press and Tattoo Coloring Books for Adults