History - Medieval Books

The Inferno

Dante Alighieri


Hildegard Von Bingen: In the Heart of God

Hildegard Von Bingen


The Fantasy of the Middle Ages: An Epic Journey Through...

Bryan C. Keene and Larisa Grollemond


Catholica: The Visual Culture of Catholicism

Suzanna Ivanic


Viking and Slavic Ornamental Designs: Volume 2

Igor Gorewicz


Imperial Splendor: The Art of the Book in the Holy Roman...

Joshua O'Driscoll and Jeffrey F. Hamburger


Byzantine Rome

Annie Montgomery Labatt


Anglo-Saxon Art

Leslie Webster


Van Eyck

Till-Holger Borchert


The Book of Bibles

Christian Gastgeber, Andreas Fingernagel, et al.


The Grand Medieval Bestiary (Dragonet Edition): Animals in...

Christian Heck and Rémy Cordonnier


A Short History of the Middle Ages, Fifth Edition

Barbara H. Rosenwein


Red: The History of a Color

Michel Pastoureau


Yellow: The History of a Color

Michel Pastoureau


Masterpieces of Illuminated Letters and Borders

W. R. Tymms and M. D. Wyatt