Techniques - Cartooning

The Doubtful Guest

Edward Gorey


Furries Furever: Draw and Color Anthro Characters in a...

Jared Hodges and Lindsay Cibos-Hodges


How to Draw Manga Furries: The Complete Guide to...

Madakan, Muraki, et al.



Steve Darnall and Alex Ross


Character Design Quarterly 12


The Little Book of X-Men

Roy Thomas


Manga Storyboard Sketchbook

Sterling Publishing Company


Start with a Scribble: Quentin Blake's How-To-Draw Book for...

Quentin Blake and John Cassidy


How to Draw Cute Kawaii in Simple Steps

Yishan Li


Character Design Quarterly 17


Manga Comic Notebook: Create Your Own Manga Comics, Variety...

Comic Book Drawing, Comic Books for Kids, et al.