Professional Practice

What Kind of Architect Are You

Udo Greinacher


Aires Mateus: Book of Models

Francisco Aires Mateus and Manuel Aires Mateus


Ppi Are 5.0 Practice Questions All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition...

David Kent Ballast, Rima Taher, et al.


Ppi Are 5.0 Mock Exams All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition -...

Rima Taher, Holly Williams Leppo, et al.


Frank Lloyd Wright

Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer


Building Surveyor's Pocket Book

Melanie Smith and Christopher Gorse


The Function of Ornament: Second Printing

Farshid Moussavi


Return on Experience

Tim Kobe and Roger Lehman


The E-Myth Architect

Michael E. Gerber and Norbert C Lemermeyer


Design with Love: At Home in America

Katie Swenson


Ppi Are 5.0 Exam Review All Six Divisions, 2nd Edition -...

Steven E. O'Hara and David Kent Ballast