Urban & Land Use Planning Books

The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Jane Jacobs


Emergent Tokyo: Designing the Spontaneous City

Naoki Saito, Joe McReynolds, et al.


Deep Oakland: How Geology Shaped a City

Andrew Alden and Laura Cunningham


A History of Boston

Daniel Dain


101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

Matthew Frederick


9 Ways to Make Housing for People

David Baker Architects


Sixteenth Street NW: Washington, DC's Avenue of Ambitions

Douglas Peter Sefton and John Deferrari



Jessica Leigh Hester


Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban...

Chris Bruntlett and Melissa Bruntlett


Curbing Traffic: The Human Case for Fewer Cars in Our Lives

Melissa Bruntlett and Chris Bruntlett


Socializing Architecture: Top-Down / Bottom-Up

Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman