History - Renaissance

The Mary, Queen of Scots Colouring Book

Roland Hui and Dmitry Yakhovsky



Manfred Wundram


Cleveland's Millionaires' Row

Alan F. Dutka


Living with Palladio in the Sixteenth Century

Antonio Foscari


The Greatest Inventors in History

Activity Wizo


Raphael, Painter and Architect in Rome: Itineraries

Silvia Ginzburg and Francesco Benelli


Proportion in Architecture & A Theory of Proportion: Two Essays

Heinrich Wolfflin and August Thiersch


Timber-Framed Buildings

Richard Hayman


Street Life in Renaissance Italy

Fabrizio Nevola


After Dante: Divine, Design, and the Cosmos

Peter Cookson Smith


Philip II of Spain and the Architecture of Empire

Laura Fernández-González


Michel-Ange. l'Oeuvre Peint, Sculpté Et Architectural Complet

Christof Thoenes and Frank Zöllner


How to Think Like Da Vinci

Daniel Smith


Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot

Yvonne Molenaar