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Revolutionary Prophecies: The Founding Fathers and America's Future

All the King’s Men Who Tried to Put British America Back Together Again

PREPARING FOR WAR AFTER THE WAR TO END ALL WARS, and other works by Patrick K. O'Donnell and Paul Dickson

African American and Native Peoples Experience in British America and the American Revolution

The Empire Strikes Back! 1777 and The Philadelphia Campaign

New York and New Jersey and the American Revolution

The Monmouth Campaign, June 1778: Tactical Draw, Political Victory (and other books by Mark Lender and Christian McBurney)

Revolutionary Pennsylvania

American Revolution: All in One

The Kids are Revolting! American Revolutionary Adventures for Young Readers

CONUNDRUM of THE PRESIDENCY: How it started…what it has become

CINDERS OF SEDITION: Origins of the American Revolution

Ten Crucial Days of the American Revolution

10 Key Campaigns of the American Revolution


By George! The Father of Our County’s… Politics

Revolutionary Physicians, Medicine and Healing in our Founding Era

Massachusetts Revolts! How the Feisty New England Protests Changed the World

Washington's Cabinet and Dinner in Camelot

Women and the Civil War

Michael Collins and Martin King


The Italophiles

American Revolution: Supplemental Topics

Biographies of the American Revolution

Novel History: Folding Fact into Fiction

THE LONGEST WINTER and the IRON SEA: Remarkable Heroism Under Fire – Frozen, Cold and Wet

Saratoga 1777: The Calamitous Campaign and Complete Victory, Gentleman Johnny’s Journey to Gates and Defeat

America’s First Ally: Vive le France!

The "Black" List - selected volumes by Jeremy Black

Upstate Revolutionary War!

World II Anti-Fascist Heroes in Occupied Europe

The War Goes South...How the British "Southern Strategy" Failed

SAR Annual Conference of the American Revolution

Action in Adirondacks and Lake Chaplain

The Pacific War from Guadalcanal to Surrender

Patrick K. O'Donnell - SAR Store

Revolutionary Waters: Books by Patrick K. O'Donnell and Donald Shomette

Thomas Jefferson and the American Psyche