We Travel So Far

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About the Author

Laura Knowles has a background in children's publishing and is the author of Once Upon a Jungle. Her love of natural history, words and art have drawn her to work on books about animals and nature.

Chris Madden is a design and visual artist whose illustrations have appeared in many national magazines and newspapers. He lives in the UK.

While taking readers around the world, this book discusses various species' migrations... Each animal is given a two-page spread that discusses the potential motivations for migration, and many hint at the challenges encountered along the way... The illustrations appear to be digitally created and span both pages, making good use of color and composition. If read to a class or group, the illustrations would project well to the back of the room. The final animals discussed are humans, and the range of ages, skin tones, and cultures is noteworthy.-- (07/16/2018)
Children will find much to hold their attention here. The animals narrate their own stories, and the prose is full of relevancy. They tell where their travels will take them and why they have undertaken such a journey. The first person narrative gives a real feeling of immediacy for those reading it. The migrations happen all around the world, are shared with little fanfare, and offer just the right amount of information to satisfy most readers.-- (08/31/2018)
"Use of the first person plural and descriptive words adds to the reader's enjoyment of the book... The text layout is strategic as well in that its placement (sentences separated by a wide space and sometimes a sentence's curved or wavy shape) causes the reader to slow down and pause between sentences, effectively making the prose sound more like poetry ("with pounding hooves we keep up our march, stumbling, rumbling, safety-in-numbering") and causing the reader to ponder the information... The illustrations suit the mood and pace of the text. Their colours are muted, shades of gray, teal, tan and green, with occasional bursts of vivid red or orange. At the back of the book is a map of the world which invites readers to trace the migration routes of some of the animals mentioned in the book. A migration data sheet indicates each featured animal's migration distance and area (e.g. from open ocean to lakes and streams, or a circular route following the rains of the Serengeti). Also provided is a table of contents... A perfect introduction to the epic journeys that many animals take and is most worthy of purchase. Highly Recommended."-- (09/07/2018)
Selection, Holiday Book Gift Guide 2018... Madden's art puts the book over the top, with pages of land- and sea-scapes, flights and swarms, deep skies and flashing wings.-- (12/07/2018)
Want to shock a kid who thinks the walk home from school is far? Pick up a copy of We Travel So Far and learn about the migrations of more than two dozen animals, including the record-holding Arctic tern, which travels about 80,500 kilometers a year. Every animal tells its own story over two pages of beautiful illustrations depicting the awe-inspiring journeys. From humpback whales in search of tropical breeding areas to Caribbean spiny lobsters looking for calmer waters when the stormy season hits, readers will walk away with an excellent understanding of the reasons animals migrate. A map at the end of the book invites readers to plot the animals' courses, and migration data details how far they travel and their range.-- (11/19/2018)
This book is just beautiful. Lots and lots of interesting facts about animals around the world. I learned quite a few things. The art details are incredible, so vividly portrayed the lives of animals. As we turned the pages, my kiddo was pointing to the animals and saying, "look, pretty butterflies." I would then read and explain how butterflies travel and that "when they reach their winter home, they hang in clusters from trees and sleep until spring." Each animal story is unique, incredible and will sure keep your child's interest.-- (01/28/2019)
Readers familiar with the seasonal migration of geese and monarch butterflies may be surprised to learn of other animal travelers and the distances they migrate... In earth-toned illustrations, Madden depicts animals enroute to their destinations via land, water, and sky.-- (09/17/2018)
This gorgeously illustrated picture book summarizes the migration of animals by water, air and land. From the familiar Monarch butterfly and wildebeest to the exotic Caribbean spiny lobster and Galapagos land iguana, 25 journeys around the world are outlined in simple, informative text. This is a fantastic addition to the library of young non-fiction lovers and classroom teachers.-- (02/04/2019)
The illustrations in this book are really great and it will be a hit with younger animal lovers. They style of the words makes it an especially fun book to read aloud.-- (05/02/2019)
(review of UK edition) This is the sort of amazing book that would be such a brilliant addition to any early years programme where animals are a key subject. Learning early on about a huge number of different types of animal, but also learning a lot about what they do and how they live their lives really stimulates children into wanting to learn and find out even more, and also instills in them a sense that these animals really should be protected for many generations to come. The illustrations are utterly amazing.-- (10/31/2017)
(review of UK edition) Beautifully informative non-fiction book for young children introducing them to the migration stories of different creatures. Rhythmic repetition in the writing, and stylish full-colour page illustrations combine to create a really pleasing title.-- (09/26/2017)
(review of UK edition) Some of the world's most extraordinary animal migrations are detailed in this beautiful book, in short lyrical passages of text and stylish illustrations. From garter snakes, to Emperor penguins and Bar-headed geese, their journeys are brought to life over stunning double-pages, additional notes at the end detailing the exact distances travelled. There's a map of the world so that you can trace their journeys across the globe and in an important final scene, people of different races are shown at an airport, a reminder that humans too travel many thousands of miles and for lots of different reasons.-- (09/01/2017)