We Lost the Sky

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About the Author

Nate Ragolia was labeled as weird early in elementary school, and it stuck. He's a lifelong lover of science fiction, and a nerd/geek. In 2015 his first book, There You Feel Free, was published by 1888's Black Hill Press. He's also the author of The Retroactivist, published by Spaceboy Books. He founded and edits BONED, an online literary magazine, has created webcomics, and writes whenever he's not playing video games or petting dogs.
Shaunn Grulkowski has been compared to Warren Ellis and Phillip K. Dick and was once described as what a baby conceived by Kurt Vonnegut and Margaret Atwood would turn out to be. Once he looked all of those people up, he was pleased by the sentiments. Mostly, he's a regular dude with a regular job that has a knack for writing things that make people laugh. He lives in Glen Burnie, Maryland, with his wife, Megan, three dogs, two cats, and a particularly noisy African Grey parrot. RETCONTINUUM is his first book.


Praise for WE LOST THE SKY:

"Howalt brings humanity back to the world of science fiction, substituting the glamour of traditional space-age machinery for the intricately developed individuals who inhabit this fantastic, surreal world. Howalt's provocative and visual prose exposes the multifaceted layers of the human--and non-human--mind with Luca, Teo, Renn, and Mender, four protagonists with whom we empathize and champion. Ladies and gentlemen, like King's The Dark Tower before it, this is sci-fi done right!"

- Dean Moses, author of A Stalled Ox

"Carefully paced and breathtakingly beautiful, We Lost the Sky is a post-apocalyptic tale which defies expectation in all the right places and will leave you feeling changed in ways you can't explain. Howalt is not afraid to delve into deep and meaningful issues such as inequality, poverty, and the willful ignorance to scientific fact - issues which many can no doubt relate to. Yet, Howalt unpacks these issues with delicate subtlety. The characters, world, themes and morals will stay with you long after you've finished reading."

- Kathy Joy, author of Last One to the Bridge

"We Lost the Sky is an engaging story of post-collapse rebuilding. Howalt explores future Italy with a variety of characters, finding societal faults and moments of human connection that even an exploding moon couldn't shift."

- Zach Bartlett, author of To Another Abyss!

"Marie Howalt offers a light at the end of the dystopian tunnel with We Lost the Sky. The world as we know it has ended and the city of Florence is domed, though not under the grandeur of cathedrals. Think FEMA camps. As in Tarkovsky's film Stalker and McCarthy's novel The Road, folks scrounge and divide. But Howalt brings hope through the intertwining stories of androids, cryogenics survivors, nomads, and the first fledglings of a resistance."

- Pam Jones, author of Andermatt County, The Biggest Little Bird, and Ivy Day

"We Lost the Sky asks the question of our values when stripped of all amenities and facing the end of worlds. It's a fascinating read and a great story to have fun while stopping to think after each event. From questioning the sentiency of artificial intelligence to chilling mirrors of the modern economic divide. We get glimpses of how the rich aren't always competent, and the skilled and smart aren't always wealthy. At the worst of times, the story is adventurous, fun, and poignant. At the best, Howalt's writing can fight off even the apocalypse. In this case, it does."

- Aden Ng, author of The Chronicles of Tearha Series, reviewer at AdenNg.com