Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote: The election is secure. Treason awaits.


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About the Author

Jack Meyer is a retired businessman. His debut novel is Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote. In the past, much of his writing has been opinion pieces for online publications.As he delves into writing fiction, a political backdrop for his debut novel is comfortable for him. Not wishing for his books to become an extension of the divisiveness of current politics, his characters have a variety of political perspectives. However, his stories are less about political ideology and more about ethical and moral dilemmas that may come with a strong desire to do what is best for one's country.Meyer develops characters that most people can relate to. They are "every day" people who become entangled in situations that they could never imagine. His stories challenge the reader to ask, "What would I do?" if I found myself there.Jack and his wife, Barbara, divide their time between their homes in Colorado Springs and Tucson. He stays busy remodeling his homes, with golf and writing his next book in the Wayward Patriot series.


"Riveting! Jack Meyer's compelling, page-turning tale of collusion and intrigue was mesmerizing in the vein of David Baldacci and John Grisham. Highly recommended!"

Jim Hahn, Deputy Chief of Staff for the late Congressman Jim Hagedorn

"The book grabbed me from the beginning. Meyer combines action and suspense with a creative yet viable premise that left me wondering, 'could this really happen?' I'm looking forward to the next book in the Wayward Patriot Series!"

Todd Hopkins, Entrepreneur, Founder of Office Pride & International bestselling author of The Janitor, The Stress Less Business Owner, and Stop Using the "B" Word

"Meyer's first novel is a page-turning thriller with lots of twists and turns that will have you guessing until the very end. His character development is solid. He provides a balanced view on a divisive topic."

Marty Ferris, County Controller in Colorado

"Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote is both entertaining and thought provoking! The premise is fascinating and the way it is written, it is hard to put down. It's exciting to consider a perfect election system but a cold splash in the face to be reminded that no system is perfect."

Mick Hartley, Captain, Southwest Airlines (Retired)

"Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote is a story that could be the behind the scenes account of something that is emerging from some current headlines about tampering with our elections.

It is a story of two normal citizens who get caught up in a serious mystery that keeps readers attention from one chapter to the next. There is a natural desire to "get to the bottom of it."

Yet, there is a genuine twist at the end that brings it all to a startling conclusion.

As a person concerned about the integrity of our nation's elections, although this book is fiction, one can wonder if the story Meyer tells is more real than one's imagination."

Dennis Jamison

County Coordinator, Election Integrity Project of California

"Wayward Patriot: Preserving the Vote takes the reader into the heart of what can happen in today's political process - the he said/she said, they said/we said back-and-forth/inside-out shenanigans political party players often resort to in the mad dash to cross the finish line in first place. The author employs countless twists-and-turns that keep his readers wondering what's going to happen next. When in real life, should it have happened at all? The book is immensely entertaining. Hope to see more 'wayward' action and intrigue to come!"

Rev. George Swanson (Retired)

"In this era when election integrity is in question, this book brings to life the ultimate election fraud and forces the reader to consider its potential impact on America. It contrasts average Americans doing the right thing for the country they love with average Americans doing the wrong things for what they consider noble reasons. It is an exciting and intriguing roller coaster ride following the experience of people, no different than me, who have found themselves in over their heads. However, you're never really sure who the bad guys are until the very end. It is well written and thought provoking, considering some real and terrifying possibilities."

Diana Lantz, Business Owner and 'Average American'