Upside Down

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Albatros Media
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8.3 X 11.7 X 0.4 inches | 0.88 pounds

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About the Author
Born in 1983, Katarina Macurova is an award-winning artist whose innovative work spans from graphics and illustration to 3D graphics. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia, and has won several prestigious awards, including the Communication Arts Award of Excellence in the USA. Hailing from Bratislava, Slovakia, she continues to push the boundaries of her artistry.
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"Critique: A fun and original picture book entertainment for children ages 3-6, ""Upside Down"" by storyteller and artist Katarina Macurova is a simply delightful and unreservedly recommended addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers." ―Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch
"Preschool-Grade 1 A gardening bear has several beautiful flowers in his yard, but one plant stands out from the rest. It appears to be healthy but doesn't bloom like the others, though the bear gives it plenty of light, water, and shade when needed and even wishes it a "Good Night" without fail. Observant readers will notice a hole in the yard that leads to a room in the rabbit warren below, and the pictures, with their clean lines and saturated colors, show the action both above and below the yard's surface. A mustachioed rabbit, along with family and friends, is thrilled with the part of the plant that is growing underground: a bright orange carrot. As the oblivious gardener continues to tend to it, the rabbits, as usual, multiply, and they peel, gnaw, and eventually devour most of the huge vegetable. Humorous illustrations show the bunnies with their protruding tummies and well-fed stupor (the first rabbit cleans up). Children will enjoy the humor in the rabbits' antics and the bear's solution to his plant problem." --Booklist
"This parallel story will have kids following the duplicity of the tale and loving it. The illustrations show perspective and are a wonderful tool to teach the concepts of up and down, and over and under. The tale is told with humour and has a very happy ending for all the book's characters. It lends itself to be a perfect read aloud for that age group. I love the the book and highly recommend it." ―Storywraps
"Fun story about a bear who has no idea what's growing in the garden!" Alisa Edwards
"What fun! Bear can't understand why his plant isn't blooming, despite all the loving care he's giving it. Little does he know the party the rabbits are having in their burrow! The story underground is as funny as the story above ground is sweet. A new go to hand sell for read aloud requests." Kathleen Carey
"Super cute! I love the idea of the bunnies underground seeing this super sweet treat growing right above them." Alicia Gregov
"Cackling!!! This was so fun and so hilarious."Cody Roecker
"This is an adorable story. I love the story line and the authors writing style. The illustrations for the picture book are beyond cute and simple, they don't overshadow the story." NetGalley-Reviewer
"A gardener does not know the wonderful plant he has in his garden. Under the ground a rabbit family celebrates the growth of a large carrot. It shows perspective, and looking at things in different ways. great for children and teacher to help with concepts of up and down, over and under. and the idea that we don't always see things as they really are until we look closer." NetGalley-Educator
"A very funny book about a teddy bear trying to do the best for his plant. While under the plant a family of rabbits is reaping the rewards of the large carrot the bear doesn't know he is growing! The illustrations are charming and the text is minimal to let the illustrations do all the heavy lifting." NetGalley-Reviewer"This was an adorable story providing multiple perspectives. This book follows the growth of a carrot from above the ground and below the ground. Throughout the story the bear, who is also acting h as the main narrator for the story, does not know why this plant will not grow like the others. Through his perspective we can see and read about his thoughts and actions. While he is trying to figure out the problem the reader is provided illustrations as to what is going on below ground. This book is a great book to have in a class library to teach multiple perspectives. There are opportunities for students to work in groups, partners, and independently. They can discuss or work on solving the problem from bears end, also discussing what effect would happen or are happening. Various language arts lessons can be taught off this one book and it is a great resource to be added to any library." ―NetGalley-Educator
"This book was engaging and entertaining for my students and myself. I would absolutely ecommend this book for classrooms, libraries, families, or anybody who loves illustrations and silly stories!" ―NetGalley-Educator
"A small bear tends to a mysterious plant in their garden, frustrated that it won't bloom even under their excellent care. Below, a rabbit family delights in the enormous carrot that is growing within their burrow. Cartoonish illustrations make use of subtle, humorous details--the bear's carrot-patterned umbrella; a rabbit's curled mustache--and humanoid expressions in this playful story about the power of perspective." ―ForeWord"This is a great story with beautiful illustrations. My 4 year old loved this book and asked to read it again over and over." ―NetGalley-Reviewer

"I really love the gardening bear in this book. This very adorable bear is genuinely really confused as to why this flower isnt growing. He waters it, makes sure it gets proper sunlight and even says good night to it every night. Is the gardening bear's story is told above, there is a parallel story happening under the ground. There is no text but you can figure it out and even make your own story with your kids. The ending is my absolute favorite! It really is a fun story all about one's perspective." ―Nura's Little Library IG

"This is such a cute book! I actually laughed out loud when I read the ending. It's so clever and fun! The illustrations are so hilarious and adorable. I love the cute bear gardener and the wild rabbits. Every page is full of color and energy, and I love that the designs are fairly simple but dramatic. What a delightful book!" ―Luminous Libro Blog

"This book is one of my favorite types of picture book storytelling. The text is short and straightforward, but when you look at the pictures another layer of the story - one that's hugely hilarious - is revealed to the audience. Listeners feel in on a joke and then the ending offers another adorable joke. It is funny and perfect for any storytime, unit, or read aloud around planting or bunnies." ―My Storytime Corner IG