Unknown Remains

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About the Author

Peter Leonard is the son of crime novelist Elmore Leonard. In 1980, Peter was the founding partner of advertising agency Leonard Mayer & Tocco. For nearly thirty years LM&T created award-winning advertising for Volkswagen of America, Audi of America, Hiram Walker, and Pennzoil. He wrote his first novel, Quiver, in 2007; he has since published five more novels: Trust Me, All He Saw Was The Girl, Voices Of The Dead, and the sequel, Back From The Dead. Peter retired from the advertising business in 2009 and now writes fiction full time. He is the father of four children and lives in Michigan with his wife Julie and his dog Sam. Learn more about his work at peterleonardbooks.com.


Praise for Unknown Remains

"The largest satisfaction the novel offers is that of Diane, who is both recognizably shell-shocked and far from a pushover. She's an appealing heroine because, finding herself in a tight spot, she also discovers her own cunning and wiles." --Kirkus

"... [T]here is much to like in Unknown Remains. Like his father before him, Leonard is at his best when he's adding knots to his plotting, shaking up what the reader believes is known about characters and motivations. The climax of the book's first act is especially jarring as one character enters abruptly while another leaves just as unexpectedly. Watching the characters turn around each other, plotting moves and countermoves, makes for exciting, page-turning stuff. In these moments, the book sings."--Spectrum Culture

"[A] rambunctious new novel... Diane, a particularly strong character in a narrative filled with sinister oddballs and other eccentrics, spends the rest of the book dealing with both dilemmas and their high potential for disaster, all of it told in a manner that keeps the reader turning the pages."--The Toronto Star

"This assured crime novel from Leonard opens on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, in New York City... Leonard does a good job guiding the reader down one rabbit hole after another as the plot twists and turns." --Publishers Weekly

Unknown Remains by any title is worth your immediate time, attention and hard-earned moola... It had been a while since we heard from Peter Leonard, but Unknown Remains is worth the wait. He can take an idea and run with it to its best possible place, taking the best possible route. I'd be perfectly happy if he published a book every month, but I'll gladly wait for each new one, no matter how long it takes."--Bookreporter.com

Praise for Eyes Closed Tight

"Peter Leonard has written another thriller crime story that's hard to put down. I'd follow the unflappable hero O'Clair anywhere--and from Pompano Beach to Detroit, this is a one-of-a-kind ride. Leonard is pitch perfect in mood and pacing and the sound of people trying to do the right thing at the hardest, most bloodcurdling moment. The book sings, right up until the very last and satisfying line of dialogue." --Doug Stanton bestselling author of Horse Soldiers

"The dialogue among characters feels authentic, with no overdone prose. Leonard applies this same approach to action scenes, resulting in a thriller with a more realistic feel than many others." --Library Journal

"The story kept getting better and pulled me in. I read it straight through. This was an extraordinary book for me. I couldn't put it down." --Authors On The Air, Stephen Campbell

"I have to mention the dialogue one more time. It's great. It's memorable. It's funny. I spilled coffee on my eReader three separate times before I even hit page thirty. But don't think Eyes Closed Tight is front-end loaded. It is a good one from beginning to end that will keep you up all night reading and be glad for it. Peter Leonard, you owe me a night's sleep. And maybe a new Kindle." --Joe Hartlaub, BookReporter.com

"Eyes Closed Tight is an adrenalin-inducing suspense novel that's sure to satisfy." --Detroit Examiner

Praise for Trust Me

"Elmore Leonard is a tough act to follow, but son Peter is off to a terrific start. Trust Me is fast, sly, and full of twists. Clearly, great storytelling runs in the Leonard family's DNA."--Carl Hiaasen

"Leonard's second effort establishes him as a genuinely gifted storyteller. Although the book is similar in many ways to the hard-edged, witty, character-driven novels of Leonard's father, Elmore, it has its own voice and its own stylistic flourishes....In time, if you find yourself referring to 'that really cool mystery writer, Leonard, ' you might have to explain which one you're talking about."--Booklist

"There are many carefully crafted plot twists and unexpected scenes; Leonard's action-packed, fast-paced crime novel is virtually impossible to put down." --Lansing State Journal

"Take three deep breaths, exhale slowly, pause, take a deeper breath then open this book. Trust me--you need controlled breathing to get you through Peter Leonard's rollicking thriller. Breathtaking is a reviewer's cliche. But it is simply the best way to describe the pace of Leonard's latest offering." --The Washington Times?

"The dialogue rings pitch-perfect, the pacing of the plot approaches perfection...So far, Trust Me ranks as thriller of the year. Trust me." --St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Praise for Peter Leonard and Quiver

"Quiver's supercharged plot, rhythmic dialogue, and cool-under-pressure characters kept me reading into the night. An impressive, exciting debut from Peter Leonard." --George Pelecanos, New York Times bestselling author of The Night Gardener

"With its clever plotting and blood-and-guts characters, Quiver will certainly put Peter Leonard on the map. This is the start of something special." --Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author of The Overlook

"Quiver is a terrific debut. Peter Leonard has a good ear for voices, a good eye for detail, and a talent for bringing together elements that can't do anything but explode." --Edgar Award-Winner Thomas Perry, author of Silence?

"Quiver is a surprise and a delight, a twisty deadpan stroll through some very devious neighborhoods. I welcome Peter Leonard and look forward to whatever he wants to offer next." --Donald Westlake

"If the best of Tarantino, Carl Hiaasen, and Scott Turow was shaken, given a jolt of pure heart and put down on paper, then that would be Quiver. With cracking dialogue, characters nailed to perfection, and a breakneck pace, Peter Leonard is more than just his father's son. He is his very own writer and a huge talent." --Mo Hayder

"Quiver is a spectacular debut... you will be holding your breath until the final page. Peter's dad should be proud." --Otto Penzler, The New York Sun

"Peter Leonard's first novel, Quiver, amply shows that he's the great Elmore's son. This book is a wicked trip...unique and engaging. I salute Peter Leonard at the beginning of what will obviously be a fine career." --Jim Harrison

"Leonard has written an accomplished nail-biter, a harbinger of even better stories to come." --Rocky Mountain News

"Reading Leonard is just as much fun as reading, well, Leonard." --Providence Journal-Bulletin

"This is an outstanding debut. . . . Great tension and sharp-as-a-tack writing!" --Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"Easily one of the best crime novels of the year." --East Lansing Journal

"Peter Leonard's energetic style makes one forget the name Elmore and concentrate on the Leonard. . . . Good writing may be in his genes, but the style's all his own." --South Florida Sun-Sentinel