Touch Matters: Handshakes, Hugs, and the New Science on How Touch Can Enhance Your Well-Being

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About the Author
Michael Banissy is an award-winning Professor in Social Neuroscience and Science Communicator. He has received multiple prizes for his contributions to Psychological Science, including a medal from the British Psychological Society for outstanding contributions to psychology. He resides in England.
"An engaging look at why touch is so central to human wellbeing--something increasingly recognized during lockdown. Here is the why, together with a run-down of the cultural and gender differences in touch." --The Bookseller (UK)
"From hand--holding to hitting to high--fiving, touch is loaded with emotion. Michael Banissy offers us a mind--expanding tour of what touch means--from universal similarities to individual differences--while revealing why our brains seek contact as much as sound and sight."
--David Eagleman, neuroscientist, Stanford University, author of Incognito and Livewired
"Exploring a feeling that we rarely ever think about, Michael Banissy opens up a universe of sensation and examines the many ways touch affects out social connections and well-being."
--Richard E Cytowic, MD MFA, professor of neurology, George Washington University
"Touch is our original and perhaps most primal sense. Banissy seamlessly integrates information from multiple sources to show just how much touch matters to our well--being and how much we suffer when our needs for touch go unmet. Although the book is solidly data--based, his personable, engaging style of writing makes reading it feel more like having a conversation with a good friend. We have needed a book like this for some time."
--Kory Floyd, PhD, author of The Loneliness Cure
"[Touch Matters] examines how vital the sense of touch is to our health and relationships. As an award--winning social neuroscience professor, Banissy uses one of the largest studies on touch to help readers enhance their self--esteem, find their "touch personalities" and harness the role it plays in friendships, professional settings, personal settings and more. Just like the effects of exercise on our emotions, our senses and the environments in which we live impact every ounce of our well--being."
--Reader's Digest
"In Touch Matters, Banissy teaches the reader how and why we would do well to think about the meaning, importance, and diverse nature of touch. Banissy deftly illustrates how alleviating 'touch hunger' can improve mental and physical well-being and how technology will help touch enhance our lives in the future."
--Mark Harper, MD, PhD, author of Chill
"An interesting and informative book by one of the best psychotherapists working today. Michael's book is easy to read and doesn't get bogged down in academic jargon, which makes the work accessible to everyone." --Patrick McKeown, author of The Oxygen Advantage and The Breathing Cure
"Michael Banissy likens touch to the great benefits and dangers of fire. Just the right amount is essential for human flourishing, but too much or at the wrong time can be dangerous. His unique perspective on the importance of human touch is critical to consider in this age of touchless medicine and relationships. His book is required reading if you are a human being."
--Steven Y. Park, MD, author of the bestseller Sleep, Interrupted: A Physician Reveals The #1 Reason Why So Many Of Us Are Sick And Tired