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About the Author
Tom Peters is coauthor of In Search of Excellence--the book that changed the way the world
does business and is often tagged as the best business book ever. Nineteen books and forty years later, he's still at the
forefront of the "management guru industry." What's new? A lot. As
CNN said, "While most business gurus milk the same mantra for all its
worth, the one-man brand called Tom Peters is still reinventing himself."
His message is as relevant today as ever. Tom is best known for his always-on
passion for "people first," delivering products that "make the world a little
bit better," developing leaders who stay in intimate touch with the
front-liners who do the real work, and demanding no less than excellence in all
that we do. In November 2017, Tom received the Thinkers50 Lifetime Achievement

Nancye Green is a designer and business leader,
tackling the complex communication and transformation challenges of enterprises
from start-up companies to maturity and non-profit organizations across the
public sector. Nancye co-founded Donovan/Green in the mid-1970s. In 2014, she and Michael Donovan
received the American Institute of Graphic Arts Medal for their contributions
to the field of design. She has recently turned her life-long effort to
seek and embrace the deep knowledge and experience of people she believes can
contribute to a more humane and just world into a campaign and a company called
One of the great
delights of this book is getting to see the world through Tom Peters' singular
eyes. You'll dip into the book, intending to stay for a quote or two -- and
emerge with your assumptions turned happily upside down.-Susan Cain, #1
Bestselling Author of Quiet and Bittersweet
Just when you thought
Tom Peters was about to drop the curtain on his writing career, here's proof
that he still has one more trick up his sleeve, Tom Peters' Compact Guide to
, which succinctly speaks to the topics closest to his heart. How
do you process a lifetime of insights from the person who literally "wrote the
book" on organizational excellence? Since you may not have the time to read
through all 6,500 pages of Tom first nineteen books, it was very kind of him to
have summarized his most fervent beliefs in this latest slim volume. And,
speaking for those of us who have been along for more of the journey, all I can
say is, Thanks, Tom! From beginning to end, it's been a great adventure of
learning and leadership.
-Tom Kelley, Partner
at IDEO, Bestselling author of Creative Confidence, The Art of
and The Ten Faces of Innovation
The post-pandemic
world requires a frameshift in thinking and Tom Peters provides the catalyst
for those inspired to put people first and take a human centric approach in a
tech focused business climate. His curation of quotes from global leaders will
activate movements and inspire a new generation of leaders.-R "Ray" Wang, Founder
and CEO, Constellation Research, Inc. and Two-Time Best-Selling Author
Tom Peters has given
us a gift. You have just picked up a THE book filled with all the daily
leadership affirmations you will ever need. Open it up to any page and you will
be inspired to do better, be better and become the leader people want to
follow.-Tiffani Bova, WSJ
Bestselling Author of Growth IQ
I love this concept
from Tom Peters, which delivers a wonderful ready-to-hand collection of
inspiration and provocation for every business person to dip into in every
possible business circumstance, but importantly, infused with Tom's principle
of Extreme Humanism: ensuring people always come first.-Cindy Gallop, Founder
and CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn
Tom Peters' Compact
Guide to Excellence
propelled me on
a rollercoaster ride of emotions--the ups, downs, and arounds of extreme
humanism and achieving excellence. That's always the case when I read, watch,
and listen to Tom Peters. He makes me--and everyone I know-- feel something. I
think that's what this book, and "Extreme Humanism," is all about--getting the
juices flowing in service of the value and goodness of people. Grab a copy now.
Read it, savor it, put it to use. And please, please pass the word to everyone
you know. Reading what Tom and the hundreds of others in this book have to say
is a call to action, and we desperately need an army of extreme humanists to
take charge of communities, companies, and the country.-Jim Kouzes, Coauthor
of the Bestselling The Leadership Challenge and Executive
Fellow, Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University
Tom Peters proves once
and for all that the shareholder primacy model is not only cruel, it's
completely ineffective. This compact guide is a play book for breaking the
chokehold that the language of finance has on business and restoring a sense of
purpose and pride to work.-Lisa Earle Mcleod,
Author of Selling with Noble Purpose
Get a 'guru' brain in
five minutes or less. Tom Peters shares the inside of his clock (er brain), so
that you can channel his brilliance into your business and life.-Jeanne Bliss,
President of Customer Bliss and Bestselling Author
In this eye-catching,
punchy book, powerhouse guru Tom Peters drives home his timeless message to
truly put people first. Maybe now we'll listen! Get a copy now, and one for all
your colleagues!-Linda Kaplan Thaler,
Bestselling Author of The Power of Nice and Grit to
Tom repeats himself.
He curses. He shouts. Why? Because his message is so important. And his message
is so simple to be timeless. This collection needs to be read, enjoyed,
absorbed and practiced. NOW!-Stuart Crainer,
Cofounder Thinkers50
Tom Peters has always
been at the forefront of what is to come. He has the uncanny ability to see
'around the curve' and give his readers great insights. Tom's blunt, to the
point and witty style has guided many towards a new way of thinking and/ or
behaving. This Compact Guide to Excellence is overflowing with nuggets for
leaders to mine on a daily basis. This book may be called compact, but the
impact of Tom's writing is huge! Consider this your guidepost to excellence in
everything you lead or do. Tom's thoughts on Extreme Humanism, Innovation,
Leadership, Culture and People is right on time for today's changing
environment. Businesses from large to small, for profit or non-profit,
government, hospitality, entertainment, utilities and ALL others will benefit
from embracing the concepts in the Compact Guide to Excellence!-Valerie Willis,
Valerie Willis Consulting