To Pixar and Beyond: My Unlikely Journey with Steve Jobs to Make Entertainment History


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Harper Business
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About the Author

LAWRENCE LEVY is a former Silicon Valley attorney and business executive who was personally hired by Steve Jobs in 1994 to be the chief financial officer and executive vice president of Pixar Animation Studios. Originally from London, Levy earned degrees from Indiana University and Harvard Law School.


"Enchanting...What makes Mr. Levy's contribution so insightful is not that he plows old ground in greater depth but that he uses his personal story as vehicle to add a new dimension...Mr. Levy's ability to remain calm and clear-eyed in the face of singular personalities and business challenges translates into a crisp, even elegant, narrative...The power of Mr. Levy's writing and the success of his management at Pixar are both grounded in the same personal quality that is evident from the earliest pages of To Pixar and Beyond: humility."
--New York Times

"A lovely and surprising discourse on topics business books rarely touch. Levy is a rare humanist in the world of finance and technology. In describing the pre-IPO, pre-Toy Story Pixar, he captures the fragile and wonderful workplace dynamic anyone who loves their (difficult) job can appreciate... Reading how Levy played go-between is eye-opening and inspiring... This delightful book is about finance, creative genius, workplace harmony, and luck... That's a lot for one volume by a first-time author with a legal and financial background covering exceedingly well-trod material... Life obviously is about more than business, but few books discuss both so well."

"Revealing and humanizing ...[A]n epic tale of Levy's quest to balance the competing interests of the quiet artists and technologists who created Toy Story and the mercurial entrepreneur who controlled their professional fates." -FortuneFavorite Books of 2016

"[T]here is still an irresistible attraction to the story of Pixar, the little animation studio that could. Lawrence Levy turns it into a charming, upbeat tale - much like one of Pixar's animated features." -Financial Times

"A natural storyteller, Levy offers an inside look at the business and a fresh, sympathetic view of Jobs."--Success Magazine

"Levy has written a fascinating look at one of the most innovative companies of the early 21st century."
--Publishers Weekly

"A detailed and fascinating peek behind the curtains at Pixar before it became one of the most successful film studios in history." --Cult of Mac

"Levy is an affable guide who writes with clarity... his account of the inner workings of the company, and the personalities that shaped it into what it has become, is an informative and engaging read."
--Shelf Awareness

"What a delightful book about the creation of Pixar from the inside. I learned more about Mr. Jobs, Pixar and business in Silicon Valley than I have in quite some time. And like a good Pixar film, it'll put a smile on your face."
--Andrew Ross Sorkin in The New York Times

"I love this book! I think it is brilliant. Of course I am biased, but even so, I think people will love this story--one they didn't even know existed. And Lawrence has told it beautifully."
--Ed Catmull, Co-Founder and President Pixar Animation, President Disney Animation, bestselling author of Creativity Inc.

"Lawrence Levy's To Pixar and Beyond is the gripping story of how, through hard work, vision, and a devotion to excellence, tiny Pixar transformed itself into a Hollywood powerhouse. But it's also something more: a wonderful buddy story--between Levy and Steve Jobs --and how their friendship and partnership transformed them both."
--William D. Cohan, bestselling author of House of Cards and Money and Power

"To Pixar and Beyond is a finely sketched insider's account of the hard-fought success of a pathbreaking company. Lawrence Levy goes surprisingly and refreshingly deep on the business details behind Pixar's creative achievements. He also shows an intimate side of Steve Jobs that will delight the mercurial businessman's many admirers."
--Adam Lashinsky, Assistant Managing Editor of Fortune Magazine and author of Inside Apple

"Lawrence Levy, a former top exec at Pixar, tells the inside story of how a struggling computer animation company became one of the greatest entertainment organizations of all time. To Pixar and Beyond is part business book and part thriller--a tale that's every bit as compelling as the ones Pixar tells in its blockbuster movies. It's also incredibly inspirational, a story about a team that took big risks and reaped the rewards. This is a must-read book for anyone who cares about corporate culture and wants to learn how to build a business, as well as everyone who loves Woody, Buzz, and all of the other beloved Pixar characters. I loved this book and could not put it down."
--Dan Lyons, bestselling author of Disrupted

"Levy's book offers a detailed and fascinating peek behind the curtains at Pixar before it became one of the most successful film studios in history... The book paints an intimate, very human portrait of Jobs, one at odds with more facile accounts of his career. It's all very relatable."
--Cult of Mac

With rich clarity and detail, Levy recounts Pixar's humble beginnings and astronomical success... Even if the world of finances, business and stocks is alien to the reader, To Pixar and Beyond is a thoroughly engaging and fascinating read. This is attributed to Lawrence Levy's personable and warm tone. A deep sense of humility characterizes his reflections. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to learn more about Pixar's history and the overlooked people responsible for its breakthrough success. Levy also makes a case for how necessary practicality is to a company like Pixar. Just as technology can be wedded to art, so too can business."
--Pixar Planet