To Be a Woman: The Confusion Over Female Identity and How Christians Can Respond


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About the Author

Katie J. McCoy holds a PhD in Systematic Theology and is a former seminary professor. McCoy teaches and writes on the intersection of theology, culture, and women's issues, and has co-authored a work on the doctrine of humanity as part of the Theology for the People of God series (B&H Academic). Included among her research is discovering the pattern of justice for women in Old Testament laws.


"This book is an important contribution to the gender narrative. In To Be a Woman: The Confusion Over Female Identity and How Christians Can Respond, McCoy addresses our deepest questions, concerns and confusion with great wisdom, insight, love, grace, and compassion. We must wrestle with the truths contained within these pages in order to offer a hope-filled way forward for a generation seeking freedom. It is always the truth that sets us free."
--Christine Caine
Founder, Propel Women

"This is an important and well-researched book that remains wonderfully accessible. It begins with contemporary controversies over recent gender theories, traces their history, places them in biblical perspective, and sets forth a better and more glorious vision of God's design of the natural body. If you're looking for a compassionate and convictional resource that shines light on the confusion of our times, this is where you should begin."
--Trevin Wax
Vice president of research and resource development at the North American Mission Board, author of The Thrill of Orthodoxy, Rethink Your Self, and Gospel Centered Teaching, columnist at The Gospel Coalition, and a fellow with the Keller Center for Cultural Apologetics

"Dr. Katie J. McCoy has written an informative and courageous book about the war over women. This book is deeply compassionate, well-researched, and draws on the wisdom of Scripture where relevant. The world is fraught with a harmful mix of ignorance, misinformation, and propaganda about sex, gender, human bodies, identity, and psychological pathologies. But Dr. McCoy helps us understand what is being debated, the complexities of gender fluidity, the concerns that need to be raised, and the danger it potentially poses to women. A great read for someone looking for some common sense in a crazy culture war over gender identities."
--Dr. Michael F. Bird (Ph.D University of Queensland)
Academic Dean and Lecturer in New Testament at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia

"'Female identity is socially guided, philosophically formed, relationally confirmed, biologically grounded, and theologically bestowed.' This is Dr. McCoy's premise, and she delivers on it. This is one of the most instructive books I have read on the current gender issues in our culture. This issue is becoming the defining issue of Christian faithfulness in our generation, and all believers should be informed and prepared to give an answer about it. Dr. McCoy serves us well here."
--J. D. Greear
Pastor, The Summit Church

"Thank you for this much needed and anticipated book. The dramatic increase in gender dysphoria and the culturally demanded affirmative care is alarming and yes, may I say it, abusive. It is evident that the enemy hates the image of God in each person He has created. With thorough research and biblical clarity. Katie offers us a way to compassionately navigate our culture while still accurately reflecting Christ. To Be a Woman gently points us to the One who created us female - in His image and for His glory."
--Donna Gaines
Author, Bible Teacher, Founder and President of the Board of ARISE2Read

"To Be a Woman hits every key mark we need to respond to this touchy topic in today's world: conviction straight from Scripture, compassion that mirrors the character of God, and confidence from the Holy Spirit. Katie is thoroughly researched, refreshingly relatable, and earnestly invested in women understanding ourselves as God's image-bearers by His good design. What you glean from these pages will equip you for conversations with your children, with other believers, and with those who find themselves confused by culture or curious about Christ. Get a copy for yourself and a woman you care about!"
--Michelle Myers
Co-founder of She Works His Way and Author of the Conversational Commentary Series

"Our culture is drifting into increasing confusion about gender and sexuality. Sadly, this confusion has impacted a growing number of Christian families and local churches. In this helpful book, theologian Katie J. McCoy helps believers, and especially Christian women, to think biblically about gender dysphoria and related phenomena. Dr. McCoy follows the biblical admonition to speak the truth in love--even when the truth is countercultural. I would strongly recommend that every parent, teacher, and youth minister read To Be a Woman."
--Nathan A. Finn
Provost and Dean of the University Faculty at North Greenville University

"This book is a timely and generous gift to the Church and Dr. Kate J. McCoy is the one to write it. I could not put it down. Her intellectual acumen, biblical application, and clear understanding of this secular age brings this critical topic into the light. Her research is comprehensive and compelling. Perhaps most notable is McCoy's ability to confront the tide of a growing, destructive ideology with truth and grace. I am recommending this book to my family, friends, my congregation, and my entire ministry team. This is the book we've been looking for in this cultural moment."
--Jeff Warren
Senior Pastor, Park Cities Baptist Church

"To Be a Woman provides the reader both a greater love and understanding for those dealing with gender dysphoria. Most importantly, the foundational thread throughout is the hope for healing and restoration. At the beginning of the book, she states that 'female identity is socially guided, philosophically formed, relationally confirmed, biologically grounded and theologically bestowed.' This is more than a book. It is a journey that equips you in each of these areas in a masterfully concise way. As Christians, we know God made humanity male and female, and our biological sex is part of our identity, uniquely created by God. This book is a kingdom tool that gives you the logical strategies to communicate love in a way all can receive even when they disagree. We know that when the Gospel does its work, truth doesn't just hold its ground; it advances and sets people free. This book will loosen the grip gender dysphoria is having on our children, especially girls, and replace it with God's joy and purpose of being female."
--Sherri Huston
Membership Director and Church and Ministry Alliance, Alliance Defending Freedom

"Dr. Katie J. McCoy's To Be a Woman is a thoughtful interaction with our society's ever-changing ideas of gender and sexuality. This book is a much-needed tool providing an understanding of cultural language, practical definitions, important data, and recommendations for further reading. Employing academic rigor, McCoy has delivered a work rich in theological depth crafted in language that the lay person is able to connect with."
--Missie Branch
Assistant Dean of Students to Women, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary