The World of Dinosaurs: An Illustrated Tour


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University of Chicago Press
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9.9 X 0.9 X 11.2 inches | 3.3 pounds
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About the Author

Mark A. Norell is Division Chair and Macaulay Curator, Curator-in-Charge of Fossil Amphibians, Reptiles, and Birds, Division of Paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. One of the most respected living paleontologists, Norell is a professor at Richard Gilder Graduate School, has held faculty appointments in the Department of Biology at Yale University, and has taught at Columbia University and the City University of New York.


"The coolest dude alive."--Ralph Gardner Jr. "Wall Street Journal "
"A publishing season wouldn't be complete without an oversize full-color dinosaur book, and if such a book isn't produced under the auspices of the great American Museum of Natural History, it will naturally wish it were. Such a book must be as up-to-date as the breakneck pace of paleontological developments allows; it must be as visually stunning as its subjects; and, if possible, it must be written by somebody with a CV as long as your arm. New from the University of Chicago Press is just such a book: The World of Dinosaurs by Mark Norell, the chairman of paleontology at the American Museum of Natural History (the only true must-see destination for Manhattan tourists) and one of the specialists who oversees what is surely the most impressive collection of dinosaur bones and remains and artifacts in the world. In this book--extensively illustrated with photos and drawings--Norell takes readers through the whole sprawling story of dinosaurs, organized not by geologic era but by overarching phylogenetic groupings, everything from various ceratopsians to the famous Tyrannosaurus rex and hundreds of their lesser-known kin. This author is well-practiced at conveying vast amounts of complex scientific information in a smooth and accessible narration, and as a result The World of Dinosaurs is every bit as much a delight to read as it is to page through."--Steve Donoghue "Open Letters Review "
"The transformation in what we know about [dinosaurs] is astonishing. And all of it from fossilized bones. Perhaps the easiest way to glimpse the effect of all this new knowledge is to leaf through Norell's The World of Dinosaurs. Norell is one of the principal paleontologists of our time and a major figure at the American Museum of Natural History. In this book, he reveals the extraordinary distance between the look of actual fossils--nearly monochromatic tangles of bones--and the appearance and behavior of the creatures who left them, as reconstructed by recent research. . . . The World of Dinosaurs . . . is a reminder that our imaginations tend to normalize the strangeness of nature, and that one of the immense virtues of science is its unceasing ability to defamiliarize what we thought we knew."--The New York Review of Books