The World Becomes What We Teach: Educating a Generation of Solutionaries

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About the Author

Zoe Weil is the cofounder and president of the Institute for Humane Education (IHE) where she created the first graduate program linking human rights, environmental sustainability, and animal protection. An acclaimed speaker, she is the author of seven books, including The World Becomes What We Teach and Above All, Be Kind. Zoe lives in Surrey, ME.


If you want to learn how we can create an education system and a world that is more humane, peaceful, equitable, and resilient, you must read this book. It might just cause you to reevaluate your assumptions about living and learning.

--Nikhil Goyal, author of Schools on Trial: How Freedom and Creativity Can Fix our Educational Malpractice

The World Becomes What We Teach may be the most important book, with both the simplest and most powerful answers, to address the challenges we face in our world effectively, meaningfully, and positively. If we heed Zoe Weil's call to educate a generation of solutionaries, we will witness the unfolding of a truly just, compassionate, and healthy world. Read this book for the sake of any children you love and the future of us all.

--Matt Goldman, Co-founder Blue Man Group and Blue School

In light of the need for lifelong learning in a changing world, Zoe Weil's call to 'adopt a more relevant and meaningful purpose for schooling; make schools real world- and solutionary-focused; and prepare teachers to educate their students to be solutionaries, ' is logical and essential. The evidence is clear that this kind of teaching and learning is already happening. There are a great many stories of children and young people contributing to a healthy, humane, and sustainable future through school, and many examples of what educators can do to make this happen. Zoe illustrates why schools need to change and then shows us what the new narrative looks like. It is compelling. This book will change you

--Jaimie P. Cloud, President, The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

This book takes on conventional reformist thinking, unfetters the educational imagination, and repositions the very notion of 'relevance' in schooling to meet the critical issues of this era on Earth. Zoe opens a doorway onto a new landscape for teaching, learning, the development of curriculum, and the purpose of schooling itself. Then she hands us a map, a GPS, and travel guide. This book, once well dog-eared and coffee-stained, should grace the shelves of any educator or transformational leader truly committed to children, the Earth, and a just, sustainable society.

--Khalif Williams, Director, The Bay School

Zoe Weil is an important player in the emerging worldwide movement to make education more about applying our newly empowered young people's passions and capabilities to making their world a better place. I hope that this book informs the thinking and practice of as many parents and educators as possible, that a great many Solutionary Schools get created and thrive in the world, and that my son grows up in a world full of solutionaries--and becomes one!

--Marc Prensky, Founder and Executive Director, The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute

Imagine if Zoe Weil's vision was the default setting for a system of schools and communities creating learning environments rich with joy, curiosity, complexity, and an undeniable belief that we are all capable--from student to community--in making a positive, long-term impact on the world around us. Better, imagine if you--the reader--realizes that this book is your invitation to be both a solutionary in your own life and a co-conspirator in creating a system of solutionary schools in communities far and wide. This is Zoe Weil's belief. And this is your invitation to co-design a remarkable future for students, teachers, schools, and communities ahead.

--Christian Long, Founding Partner, WONDER, By Design: A learning and design expedition

Zoe Weil asks the questions we need to thoughtfully answer not only for our system of education but also for our future on this planet. I have worked in education for over 25 years, from experiential outdoor education to service-learning in classroom settings. Weil's model and vision is more oriented toward effective systems-thinking than any other approach to education I have encountered. This book serves as a guide to action and will help us make school meaningful, joyful, and solutionary.

--Barbara Fiore, Education Consultant, Former Program Director, Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

Zoe Weil sees a world the rest of us are still struggling to make out--one that is more equitable, restorative, and compassionate, and one in which we are all more empathetic and at peace. The World Becomes What We Teach is a manifesto for the future of education, and a series of recipes for teaching children that a humane world is not just possible--it's inevitable, as long as we help young people engage in work that provides a slice of the solution, and a way of discovering their most authentic selves.

--Sam Chaltain, Author of Faces of Learning and Coproducer of A Year at Mission Hill

Zoe Weil offers a vision for education that is based on respect for children's curiosity, creativity, and capabilities. She shows how educational practices can be based on genuine hope and shares a blueprint for how to reform education with imagination, rigor, and love for the world. This is a brilliant, necessary, uplifting book.

--Kathleen Roberts Skerrett, Dean of Arts and Sciences, University of Richmond

This is an important book from an important thinker in the field of education. Zoe's original ideas are based on decades of practical hands-on work. She creates an optimistic vision of what can be if we are willing to rethink educational models to meet the needs of our twenty-first-century world.

--Doug Alexander, President, Actua Corporation

Zoe Weil goes beyond the rhetoric in debates about improving education and challenges us to revamp the very purpose of schools. As an educator, lawyer, entrepreneur, and mentor, I was excited by her approach. As a long-time advocate and a parent of Model UN students, I love her vision of new and more challenging Solutionary clubs for today's students. Why should students research and debate imaginary issues when the world is ripe with real problems? Zoe Weil logically describes how this generation can be challenged and trained to create solutions to problems for the betterment of the world and the future of all living creatures. I loved this book and plan to share it with parents, educators, researchers, and students.

--Nancy Hodari, Founder and Education Director, Equilibrium Studio

I believe we all have a unique capacity for contribution. However, too frequently schools stifle children's resolve to express it. Zoe Weil's approach to schooling, as laid out in her book The World Becomes What We Teach, skillfully identifies how to nurture this seed of goodness while simultaneously providing students with all of the tools required to flourish in the twenty-first century. Her collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to education could very well be the prescription needed to cultivate a generation of 'solutionaries' ready to take on the greatest societal challenges of our time.

--Ariel Nessel, Founder, The Pollination Project
If we are putting hope for the future of our planet in our young people, then they must have the tools and feel empowered to take on the world's greatest challenges. The World Becomes What We Teach offers such direction for the very educators who are working with these young people today. I applaud such efforts and hope to see many educators and young people alike gain important insight from what Zoe Weil offers in this book.--Jane Goodall, DBE, Ph.D. Founder, the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace