The Road from Nanomedicine to Precision Medicine

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About the Author

Shaker A. Mousa, PhD is an endowed chair, tenured professor of Pharmacology at Albany College of Pharmacy; Vice Provost of Research, executive vice president, and chair of Pharmaceutical Research Institute at Albany, NY.

Raj Bawa, MS, PhD, is president of Bawa Biotech LLC, a biotech/pharma consultancy and patent law firm based in Ashburn, VA, USA that he founded in 2002.

Gerald F. Audette, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and member of the Centre for Research on Biomolecular Interactions at York University in Toronto, Canada.


The carefully-selected range of topics in this masterpiece will be equally beneficial to academia, physicians, drug industry, business, healthcare systems, policymakers, geneticists, regulatory bodies and governments. In the coming decade efforts in nanomedicine and precision medicine will be translated from the bench to the bedside, paving the way for more accurate diagnosis and more precise therapeutics. This review volume is a standard reference resource for anyone involved in the coming healthcare revolution.

Tatiana K. Bronich, University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

The first 3 volumes in this series have been inspirational and form the most definitive and useful references for anyone wishing to know about the technical, clinical, legal, business and regulatory aspects of nanomedicine. The topic has in the past raised expectations to levels that were probably too high, but anyone reading these books will understand the opportunities and barriers much better. This fourth volume was awaited with great interest.

Peter J. Dobson, University of Oxford, UK

It is wonderful to see that Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich's vision of "magic bullets" postulated in 1908 may eventually be fully realized along the road from nanomedicine to precision medicine. The power unleashed by elucidation of the genome coupled with the elegance of site-specific drug delivery will revolutionize healthcare in the next century. In my 70-years as a researcher and university professor, nothing has held a greater potential to diagnose and treat diseases in a more customizable, targeted manner. This masterful volume reflects the innovative developments, potential applications and possible bottle-necks in these two interrelated fields.

S. R. Bawa, Panjab University, India

Precision medicine and targeted nanomedicines are the "Holy Grail" of medicine and drug delivery; this comprehensive volume highlights their salient features and interconnectivity. A team of distinguished editors and authors have done a superb job focussing on the critical and current issues, masterfully dissecting hype from reality.

János Szebeni, Semmelweis University School of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

The growth, opportunity and promise of nanomedicine has become breathtaking which is why "The Road from Nanomedicine to Precision Medicine" by Mousa, Bawa and Audette is my "go to" reference. It puts cutting-edge nano-developments in context of personalized/precision medicine and the lessons learned from applications in one clinical challenge may serve as a template for other challenges. Use this volume as a reference but be sure to read it for inspiration.

Nicholas Borys, Celsion Corporation, New Jersey, USA

As nanomedicine begins to mature further and evolves towards enabling precision medicine, this volume with its punctiliously selected content is destined to become a must-have reference resource. The editors have made an astounding effort that connects different manifestations of nanomedicines with the many modes of developing precision medicine, while illuminating the regulatory pathway and challenges therein for all of us to learn from. Its unique contents will be especially useful to oncology, infectious diseases, degenerative diseases and regenerative medicine.

Anil R. Diwan, PhD, NanoViricides, Inc., Connecticut, USA

The untapped solutions from nanotechnology will enable breakthroughs in customized healthcare. This comprehensive edition provides the groundwork of where nanomedicine will lead to tailoring precision medicine for individual patient care.

Neil Gordon, Guanine Inc., New York, USA