The Real AIDS Epidemic: How the Tragic HIV Mistake Threatens Us All


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About the Author

Rebecca Culshaw came to the US in 2002, after receiving her PhD in mathematics from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. She has published several journal articles regarding mathematical modeling of HIV immunology and served on the Advisory Board of Journal of Biological Systems. Culshaw has resided in Iowa, Nova Scotia, London, Ottawa, and Mzuzu, Malawi, and currently lives in Tyler, Texas.

Neenyah Ostrom's groundbreaking reporting on AIDS and the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic appeared in the New York Native from 1988 to 1997. For revealing the unreliability of the HIV antibody test, Ostrom and New York Native were recognized for reporting one of the top twenty-five most-censored stories in the US press by 1995's Censored: The News That Didn't Make The News--And Why (The 1995 Project Censored Yearbook). Ostrom is the author of four books about AIDS and its link to the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic, including 2022's Ampligen: The Battle for a Promising ME/CFS Drug.


"In the AIDS war, the mathematicians played a unique and vital part. They're bound to reality, by definition. I'm happy to see Rebecca Culshaw return with this excellent book, that clarifies and reverses the immense HIV mythology. Her understanding transcends the scientific/mathematical though, such as this stunning, wounding, and very true line in her book: 'The HIV causes AIDS paradigm is at its heart racist and anti-gay.' Few people are as keenly attuned to all the facets of the HIV beast as Culshaw, and she brings new light to it all, with each page."
--Celia Farber, journalist and author of Serious Adverse Events

"An excellent account of the most shameful episode in the history of medicine. Rebecca Culshaw has pulled it all together: a history of inept and dishonest AIDS 'science, ' the manifold reasons HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS, the harmfulness of AIDS drugs, the physical and psychological human suffering caused by the AIDS hoax."
--John Lauritsen, author of Poison by Prescription: The AZT Story and The AIDS War

"If we are to have any hope for the future of humanity, it is imperative that we arm ourselves with the deeply researched data-driven evidence that Rebecca presents for us, which unveils the corrupt and criminal past of Anthony Fauci, the National Institutes of Health, and the Centers for Disease Control."
--Käla Mandrake, writer/director of The Real Anthony Fauci documentary film

"The entire situation with the measures taken supposedly against the coronavirus has been an eye opener. Having read, at the time, the first edition of this book and again in this context [the new edition], I was thoroughly impressed by the prophetic quality of the work. The AIDS situation was pretty much a lower-scale dress rehearsal for the COVID-19 situation. The Real AIDS Epidemic demonstrates just how far dogma has strayed from what may be termed empirical, objectively measured reality. The rot is described at every level: scientific, corporate, bureaucratic-regulatory, health care practice, patients, media, and the public at large. A most timely release of a new expanded edition of an excellent critique of the AIDS branch of science and more generally all of science. Highly recommended."
--Vicentiu Tipu, PhD, mathematics, University of Toronto

"It is a great relief to read the latest version of Dr. Rebecca Culshaw's book. Those of us who lived through those years challenging the science behind the HIV/AIDS hypothesis feared that the same mistakes would go unchecked when COVID broke. But now Dr. Culshaw has expertly juxtaposed the deeply flawed science behind HIV and AIDS with the equally flawed science behind COVID. Culshaw lashes out at 'science by consensus' and at 'pharmaceutical company-funded science.' She points to the way the medical establishment ruthlessly experimented on poor, often African Americans in the early days of AIDS and describes the rollout of the COVID vaccine as a 'massively unethical trial conducted in real time on the entire population.' This book will enlighten and astonish its readers. It may make them angry enough to call for an end to the censorship that has so far not allowed the truth to come out about AIDS and COVID."
--Joan Shenton, author of Positively False: Exposing the Myths around HIV and AIDS.

"This reads like an engrossing whodunit novel where a sublime detective finds a bloodstained hammer in the drawing room of the manor house and leads us through each room of evidence! In Culshaw's detective-like mind, we visit the misuse of PCR testing to the forced administration of toxic AZT on pregnant women and children. We stroll along the garden path of coercion to lifelong PreEP protocols, very reminiscent of Moderna's Covid-19 mRNA 'software for life.' We peer from the upper tower to see the gaslighting of healthy patients and those doctors, and acclaimed researchers, who dared question the 'HIV equals AIDS' boogeyman of a billion-dollar industry. Along the way we see who is still lost in the garden hedge labyrinth and who has sped away in their Jaguar from the scene of the crime.

Ultimately, Dr. Rebecca Culshaw's book is an antidote to the hijacking of medical science, an exposé that will help keep science honest and focused on its service to humanity. And honest science is authentic science. For that principle, Culshaw herself has paid a dear price in the witch hunts orchestrated by the blessed class of 'official science' who seem licensed to torch the parlé chambers of authentic dialogue. It takes a certain magnanimity to bring a personal insider story forward into today's bloody coliseum of debate, and Culshaw does it with class and respect even for her opponents--those who cycle through the revolving doors of government and high-profit corporate worlds.

For those who want to see a backdoor perspective on the coercive global medical campaigns being waged today Dr. Rebecca Culshaw's book serves as a clarion call for the gold standard of informed consent. Hippocrates would be proud."
--Anton Casta, BES, science, MA, history, University of Toronto