The Inward Outlook: Conscious Choice as a Daily Practice


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About the Author

Laura Basha, PhD, is a published author, professional artist, compelling and empowering speaker, and certified trainer. She holds a BA in Fine Arts, an MA in counseling psychology, and a combined doctorate in clinical and organizational psychology. Through the years, the focus of her work has always been personal and organizational transformation and leadership development, and she has been an international consultant, educator, and personal coach for thousands of clients since 1978. Mother of two, stepmother to three, and "Nona" to nine, Dr. Basha resides in Northern California with her husband and beloved Tibetan terrier. You can view her work on her website,


"The Inward Outlook is what we all require if we are to pursue our true nature and lives. Read and learn and find your true self."
--Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

"The Inward Outlook is a sincere and noble contribution to our understanding of the search for happiness. Laura Basha invites the reader to reconsider their understanding of life and happiness by looking within their own compassionate, intuitive heart--rather than remaining focused on the superficial values of the external world. A refreshingly healthy recognition of the key ingredients for finding happiness and peace of mind."
--John E. Welshons, author of One Soul, One Love, One Heart, Awakening From Grief, and When Prayers Aren't Answered

"Grounded in age-old wisdom, The Inward Outlook is a valuable tool for helping readers live in, and think from, the present, juicy moment. Living in and thinking from the moment gives us the opportunity to move through our days more productively, humorously, and peacefully."
--Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Woman's Book of Strength, The Mindful Woman, and The Courage to Be Yourself

"Imagine Dr. Laura Basha in conversation with Epictetus or Marcus Aurelius, considering perspective as our life's construction materials. Dr. Basha lights the road that leads to balance in an environment gone off-kilter. An affirmation for those acquainted with stoic philosophies. For those seeking internal peace in a chaotic world, this is an invitation."
--Maryanne Em Radmacher, author of Courage Doesn't Always Roar and Live With Intention

"The Inward Outlook is the most direct read I've come across that gets to the nuts and bolts of how to live a more authentic and productive life. We humans like to complicate things, and Dr. Basha brings the reader back to where the problem and the solution live, which is within us. She explains the inward outlook paradigm, and shows the reader how to take simple steps to make it work in their lives. For a person ready to become more conscious, grounded, and authentic, The Inward Outlook simplifies the path to living a life of purpose through conscious choices."
--Rachael Wolff, podcaster and author of Letters from a Better Me

"How refreshing to read The Inward Outlook and be reminded that how we think affects who we are and how we are in the world. I'm grateful for Dr. Laura Basha's teachings, which offer a path toward living a more joyful, peaceful, and authentic life through finding and expressing our truest self."
--Judy Reeves, author of Wild Women, Wild Voices and A Writer's Book of Days

"Dr. Laura Basha has an indelible charisma and a personal presence in her writing and delivery. Within what may be intellectually familiar themes of The Inward Outlook, I found as I read--as you may--that I actually experienced the meanings of these themes bringing forward from past thoughts and memories, new connections to my own complex, present-day perception of reality."
--Margaret Barbee, PhD, Senior Human Resources Consultant, former professor, and Director of Organizational Psychology Programs at JFK University

"As we navigate these troubled and remarkable times, The Inward Outlook offers a perspective that guides people in the awakening of personal consciousness with a compassionate lighthearted- ness. Bringing decades of study and experience to her work, Dr. Basha articulates the essential importance of developing an inner awareness to the struggles of daily life and speaks to the transformation that can emerge by opening to the possibilities of growth and happiness within. Awakening to the self takes focus, and the included workbook provides the reader with a structure to discover who they are and who they want to be."
--Cheryl Krauter, MFT, author of Odyssey of Ashes: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Letting Go and Surviving the Storm

"The Inward Outlook gently reawakened me to several simple and accessible actions to take to have more joy, happiness, and peace in life. This work is phenomenally empowering."
--Xavier Dubois, CEO of EVOX Omnimedia

"After ninety-one years of an intensive quest to find the causes of human suffering, to reduce or alleviate it, I can summarize my conclusion in one sentence: There can be no freedom possible unless each one of us is free from ourself. Dr. Basha presents one path toward that freedom. Through understanding The Inward Outlook paradigm, we can change the acculturated reality of ourselves by accessing an internal space of Silence and letting eternal wisdom flow through us. We can develop a perceptual shift and learn to make conscious choices to create a life of fulfillment and peace of mind."
--R.K. Janmeja (Meji) Singh, PhD, author of Changing the Course of Destruction: Listening to Understand Each Other In-Depth Promotes Peace and recipient of the California State Psychological Association's Lifetime Achievement Award

"Learning to live more deeply in the present is a powerful tool for personal growth. This cultivates a deeper self-awareness that allows us to question the perceptions that shape our sense of ourselves and our lives. By untangling unhelpful and inaccurate self-perceptions, our authentic selves are allowed to shine through. The Inward Outlook is a great place to begin cultivating this awareness of the self in the present moment."
--Shannon Duncan, author of Present Moment Awareness and Coming Full Circle

"Dr. Laura Basha offers us a witty, contemplative way to evaluate and understand our lives in all their messy, contradictory, and inspiring pathways. With her common-sense framework for moving forward in life--a positive, lasting, and holistic approach--we can indeed transform our thoughts and actions. Her book includes a reflective, hands-on study guide to help us see our lives in a new light, one that promotes self-awareness and a greater acceptance of our fellow beings."
--Richard Singer, educator, author, and community activist

"Basha reminds us here of the importance of listening to the power of wisdom and grace innate in us all. With gentle humor and compassion, she brings forth a lightness and a possible way of creating a just world."
--Reenie Raschke, author of My Town Montclair

"The Inward Outlook reminds us that our ever-present center is challenged by the fast-paced, technically minded world we live in. With insight and down-to-earth humor, Dr. Basha helps us to find our awareness again."
--Mona Adisa Brooks, professional artist and founder of Trumpet Gallery

"Both as a CEO and personally, I found the insights and lessons developed in The Inward Outlook to be both profound and impactful. I utilize the principles Dr. Basha describes in the book to great success, and since embracing experiencing life from the inside out I've been able to put those principles to work and triple the size of our company, resulting in our best performance in over thirty-five years. I would encourage everyone to explore the principles for themselves; the benefits will be profound."
--Jim Hart, CEO of Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting, a Heidrick & Struggles Company

"I have been studying and teaching various aspects of healthy functioning for individuals, teams, and organizations for over twenty-seven years, and I found The Inward Outlook to be one of the best, most thoughtful approaches I've encountered. Dr. Basha's clear and simple-yet-profound message resonates with our innate health and wisdom. I am blessed to know Laura personally, and know that she truly lives what she teaches. As a result, her sincerity and practical application come through in every facet of this wonderful book."
--John Mckay, Senior Vice President of Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting, a Heidrick & Struggles Company

"I am a successful businessman who has built a thriving business on a global scale . . . I can confidently say that I would not be as successful as I am today in my personal life and my business without the work of Dr. Basha."
--Stuart Adam, Chairman of Adam and Partners Group Holdings

"The message is clear and it is beautifully written. It is obvious that Dr. Basha is one with her work, as well as with the message in the book. After reading The Inward Outlook I smiled, because I could see how to find joy or put a positive spin on whatever is going on."
--Larry Robinson, MFA, professional artist and professor of art at the University of California, Berkeley

"Brava to Dr. Basha! Her book not only creates for us a transformative world that works, it is also chock-a-block with examples of the miracles that happen when human beings alter their focus from 'me' to 'us.' The Inward Outlook is a great read!"
--Pat Henderson, CEO of Pat Henderson, INC.