The Guidance Groove


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Carolyn Kurle
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About the Author

Dr. Carolyn Kurle holds degrees in Zoology, German Literature, Wildlife Science, and Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. She is a tenured biology professor at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). She is the author of dozens of scientific articles investigating what animals eat and where they spend their time and she and the members of her research lab use that information to better inform conservation strategies for imperiled species and habitats.Dr. Kurle teaches hundreds of UCSD students every year. Working with these remarkable people helped inspire her to write The Guidance Groove as numerous truly outstanding, brilliant, hard-working, and beautiful UCSD students struggle with feelings of inadequacy, obligation, scarcity, and unworthiness and exhibit many of the behaviors that stem from adherence to the Unproductive Grooves detailed in her book. The stories dominating their thoughts are clearly untrue but still dictate so many of their behaviors, thereby causing inauthenticity, unhappiness, imposter syndrome, and disconnection. Dr. Kurle's goal in writing The Guidance Groove is to teach everyone to recognize the false stories we tell ourselves so we can learn to stop believing them and discover where they come from and how they breed inauthenticity. We never quiet our minds completely, but we can learn to recognize when our false thoughts steer our choices, then choose instead to act from a place of authenticity. With practice, this process becomes more automatic, until it takes only the briefest moment to think a thought, realize it's untrue, and go deeper into what is actually true before making a choice. We can then navigate life from a place of authentic wholeness, and ease, contentment, and joy will naturally arise.Dr. Kurle is also a mother to her son, Jeremiah. She loves reading, connecting with her loved-ones, nature, and hiking, especially in Mt. Rainier National Park and on the beach. She regularly rides her bicycle, rows on an ergometer, and walks because she loves movement for its vast ability to connect with everything around her and to integrate her body, mind, and feelings for creating a more whole self from which to approach the world.


Testimonials from biology undergraduate students at UC San Diego who have read The Guidance Groove and taken Dr. Kurle's seminar teaching the principles of the book:

The Guidance Groove is an amazing book. I usually don't like reading a lot, but I found myself very into this book. It is very clear, concise, and inspiring. I love all the stories in it, and it helped me a lot in learning how to make better life decisions that align with my authentic self.

I learned so much about myself, my relationships with others, things that are setting me back in life, things that I should be proud of - all through this book. The book by Dr. Kurle is a beautiful guide to inner peace, love, happiness, and authenticity. Dr. Kurle gives us insight on what it means to be authentic and follow your guidance and listen to your intuition. Such an amazing experience with lessons that I'll never forget.

I thought that book was very insightful. I believe as science majors we sometimes are so focused on being analytical or using abstract reasoning we forget to take care of our emotions and needs outside of school, work and extracurriculars.

This seminar helped show me and the other students that some of our struggles are shared. That you are not alone in your thoughts of inadequacy, or the only person preoccupied with scarcity. I believe this book helps you ground yourself and has taught me some principles and concrete methods to tackle some of my unproductive grooves or habits that I may have fallen into.

I believe this book will help those who read it reach a more centered and happy head space. This book and seminar have helped a lot of us students share and learn from each other. I believe this seminar and book also helped us students better understand our true desires and to better understand the false stories we tell ourselves. Through this sharing and recognition of commonalities among the students combined with the guidance of the text and Dr. Kurle, I found the book and seminar to be therapeutic and motivating.

Overall, the book was a great read, nothing was too complicated or confusing to understand and I really liked it.

Dr. Kurle has a gift of connecting with her students on such a deep level and presents her material in such a beautiful way. I see her as a friend and guide. I've learned so much about life and mindset through this class - she explains everything so well and clear.