The Greatest Song: Spark Creativity, Ignite Your Career, and Transform Your Life

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About the Author
Kevin Griffin is an award-winning songwriter, producer, and performer whose songs have sold more than 30 million copies and streamed over a billion times. He is best known as the singer and founding member of the rock band Better Than Ezra and has written songs performed by artists such as Taylor Swift, Train, Sugarland, and more. He is a co-founder and partner of Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival and has served as a writer-in-residence at NYU's Clive Davis School of Music.
"I have known Kevin for a long time. In this book, he lays out easy daily practices for anyone wanting to stay competitive, successful, and inspired not only in their career but also in their life."--Peyton Manning, Former NFL Quarterback

"In his debut book, The Greatest Song: Spark Creativity, Ignite Your Career, and Transform Your Life, songwriter/author Kevin Griffin delivers! It gives readers a real inside look at the craft and the industry. With its unique perspective on the art of songwriting, this book is a must-read for music enthusiasts and aspiring songwriters alike."--Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of The Recording Academy / GRAMMY Awards, Songwriter, and Producer

"An engaging read by Kevin Griffin, based on personal experience and dedicated to the notes in our lives. The Greatest Song, just like a great song, is written with interesting content and perfect cadence--telling a story of life and for life. Everyone in the music business should take the time to learn from, and enjoy, this read, before passing it on to someone you care about. My wife, Mary, and I picked it up to take our first dose of it and ended up finishing the whole prescription before putting it down. I just wish I had access to this work when I began my music career--I would have done some things much differently! Kevin explains the necessary steps to create your own successful personal and business life, using the tools of a beautifully written song to remind us that 'it's not what you take when you leave this world behind, it's what you leave behind when you go'"--Randy Travis, Seven-Time GRAMMY Award-Winning Recording Artist

"I spent many years resisting collaborative songwriting, telling myself that I wrote my best songs when I wrote alone. And while that was true--I had quite a run of hits--the larger truth was that I feared co-writing. Through the years, I learned many of the lessons Kevin Griffin alludes to in his book...all the hard way! Although this book is technically fiction, the constructive ideas regarding the importance of listening and putting the song ahead of the ego can help young songwriters avoid some of the pitfalls that have taken me a career to understand. Plus, the main character, not unlike myself, proudly sports a man-purse!"--Kevin Cronin, Lead Vocalist and Songwriter of REO Speedwagon

"This is the one book to read about how to remain relevant in today's music industry.In The Greatest Song, Kevin masterfully develops the mindset of how to keep success in a constantly evolving business. His method demonstrates how thinking like a musician can provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and anyone who is trying to generate something new. This book is a must-read for those looking to boost innovation and inspire their creative journey, both personally and professionally."--Panos A. Panay, President of the Recording Academy / GRAMMY Awards; Co-author, Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation

"The Greatest Song is inspired by one of the greatest success stories in the modern-day music business. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and Kevin combines the two resulting in a thoroughly unique success story, unlike any other in the music business--or any other business for that matter. A timeless tale of reinvention and creativity that applies to everyone in any career."--Leslie Fram, Senior Vice President Music Strategy CMT

"Kevin Griffin's book, The Greatest Song: Spark Creativity, Ignite Your Career, and Transform Your Life, is a must-read for everyone in all walks of life. It covers topics such as commitment, perseverance, evolution, and flexibility and adaptability to constantly changing circumstances that will help business leaders, entrepreneurs, musicians, and entertainers both professionally and personally. It's a timeless, inspirational story that will help you stay motivated and always ahead."--Cesar Gueikian, President of Gibson Guitars

"Man, I wish Kevin's book was around when I was younger, might've gotten more life out of these frosted tips! Great lessons not just for a career in music, but success in life...from one of our generation's finest songwriters."--Mark McGrath, Singer and Songwriter for Sugar Ray

"The wisdom here isn't just for musicians, it is for anyone who desires to find their best self within. Kevin's undeniable ability to communicate through song presents gem after gem of life lessons and adaptable knowledge as expressed by a true master of his craft. But it's the human perspective of a father, a friend, an entrepreneur, and a true seeker that resonates. Kevin is that person who has always made everyone around him want to excel, and you will feel the same from this thoughtful and practical gift of a book."--Jeff Rabhan, Chair Emeritus Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at New York University

"I've written some of my favorite songs with Kevin 'By-Tor' Griffin in the ten plus years we've been working together. He always brings a sense of ambition, wonder, and humor to a writing session. His process is deliberate but always flexible. He's a dream collaborator."--Ed "Snowdog" Robertson, Lead Singer and Songwriter for Barenaked Ladies

"The Greatest Song is for anyone looking to light up the world with their ideas and artistry. Kevin's rules for creating hit songs, based on his years of hit-making experience, apply not just to music but to any kind of creative work. They will help you nurture the magical spark you need to bring seemingly crazy ideas to life."--Safi Bahcall, Physicist, Biotech Entrepreneur, and WSJ Bestselling Author of Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

"As someone who's experienced the ebb and flo of surviving the music business, I can confidently say Kevin's book follows the perfect path of an artist in an enchanting and inspiring narrative. In addition to his successes in songwriting, producing, and concert festivals, I can't believe that we now have to contend with him as an amazing fiction author, too!"--Mark Volman, The Turtles

"Never knew how to troubleshoot creativity, until now. Kudos to Kevin Griffin."--Theo Von, Comedian

"Kevin Griffin is an integral member of the Nashville music entertainment scene with his songwriting accolades, the creation of Pilgrimage Music Festival, and now with the release of his book, The Greatest Song. His business parable provides tangible insights ideal for anyone looking to boost their own career woven beautifully through his story surrounding Nashville's iconic songwriting community. Readers will instantly connect with Jake Stark's journey and will walk away feeling empowered to conquer their own day to day. The Greatest Song is a compelling read for anyone looking to achieve business success and improved prosperity."--Dr. Sarita Stewart, Interim Dean of Mike Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business at Belmont University

"A quick and entertaining read that will provide just the spark you might need for your next innovation. Whether that's a song, a donut flavor, or anything else!"--Scott Murphy, President of Dunkin' Donuts

"If you're looking for practical tools to both get you inspired and keep you motivated, this book is for you. If you love music and the air of songwriting, this book is for you!"--Bobby Bones, Radio and TV Personality and New York Times Bestselling Author

"This is a book for achievers. Those who want the edge to get ahead and stay there."--Sean Payton, NFL Football Coach

"The Greatest Song is a combination of compelling fictional story that keeps you turning pages, while revealing inspiring advice that you can apply to your career and life. When you feel yourself stuck in your ways, refer to this playbook and get inspired to reach the next level. Bravo, Kevin!"--Todd Graves, Founder and CEO, Fry Cook, & Cashier, Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

"As a professional cowriter (a.k.a. a plus-one), I've spent the bulk of my career collaborative songwriting. After reading my pal, Kevin Griffin's, brilliant The Greatest Song: Spark Creativity, Ignite Your Career, and Transform Your Life, I'm starting to rethink all of my previous missteps, and I'm ready to walk on fire! This book is a blueprint for any creative--young or old. It's the absolute truth! I've always resented Kevin for his chiseled looks and effortless studio chops, but now I actually despise him for being a better author as well. I highly recommend you buy his book and sell mine on eBay!"--Sam Hollander, Songwriter, Producer, and Bestselling Author of 21 Hit Wonder: Flopping My Way to the Top of the Charts

"This is not just a recipe for the greatest song ever. It is a recipe for a more creative, and ultimately more fulfilling, life. Whether you wish to apply this wisdom to the boardroom or your next big project, there is much wisdom here for anyone who does creative work--which is everyone."--Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author of Real Artists Don't Starve

"Having written a few songs with Kevin and after playing many shows with Better Than Ezra, I already had first-hand experience as to his ability to paint a picture with words. This book is a very thoughtful way for Kevin to tell his own story, while inspiring us all to maximize our own potential, whether it professional, creative, or both. Staying relevant in the music business is no small feat. I assume it is like that in most industries. Kevin has it figured out. Great read."--Jaret Reddick, Singer and Songwriter of Bowling for Soup

"As a multi-platinum singer/songwriter who's had massive success in this competitive business, Kevin Griffin has experienced what it takes to make it to the top. The advice he shares in these pages will inspire any songwriter hoping to follow him there."--Mike O'Neill- President and CEO Broadcast Music, Inc.

"Knowing and writing with Kevin Griffin has been one of the highlights of my career. The man is wise and can write a song! Kevin has taken all the knowledge and insight from all his successes and turned it into a great read. The Greatest Song should be read by anyone and everyone who is thinking about dipping their toe into this crazy music business."--Jon McLaughlin, Singer-Songwriter

"Kevin Griffin writes about the music industry and songwriting from a perspective of established, consistent success. He has every right to offer creative advice, which he does admirably. Written in a story narrative that packs in many songwriting and business details as well as accurate, interesting information about Nashville's Music Row, it is a music industry parable. Intensely interesting, informative, and compelling, this is a great and valuable read."--Ted Piechocinski, Director, Indiana State University School of Music and Director, Music Business Program

"Kevin Griffin is a giver, and this book is a gift. Giving words, lyrics, and choruses to artists and songs comes easy for Kevin, but now in this book he gives a path through his journey that works and inspires. I am so thankful we collided and collaborated in friendship and business, and I believe that this book will create 'big hits' for those who read it."--Jeff Sinelli, Founder and Chief Vibe Officer of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches

"Kevin is such a great guy and somehow after years in the music industry, he continues to be a great guy! He's always provided me sage-like wisdom and continues to be an inspiration."--A/J Jackson, Songwriter, Record Producer, and Lead Singer of Saint Motel