Stories of the Sahara

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About the Author

Sanmao, born Chen Mao Ping, was a novelist, writer, educator and translator. Born in China in 1943, she grew up in Taiwan. She studied in Taiwan, Spain and Germany before moving to the Sahara desert with her Spanish husband, a scuba diver and underwater engineer. In 1976, she gained fame with the publication of her first book, Stories of the Sahara. Her husband died while diving in 1979, and Sanmao returned to Taiwan the following year. From 1976 until her death in 1991, she published more than twenty books.

Mike Fu is a Brooklyn-based writer, translator and editor. He is a cofounder and editor of The Shanghai Literary Review, a transnational English language journal for arts and literature, and the assistant dean for global initiatives at Parsons School of Design.


"A hypnotic meditation on love and loneliness in a foreign place. Writing with frankness and vulnerability, Sanmao's constant questioning of her insecurities and flaws is remarkably human, and nothing remains beyond the boundaries of her probing eye . . . Mike Fu's gorgeous translation brings to live Sanmao's evocative descriptions of the Sahrawi communities in which she lives, along with her wit and her gift for capturing life's absurdities. Stories of the Sahara is a record of one person's fierce refusal to follow a path laid down for her by the rest of the world, but it is also a celebration of the complexities of being an outsider, and ultimately, an ode to freedom." - The Paris Review, Best Books of the Year

"Stories of the Sahara has endured for generations of young Taiwanese and Chinese women yearning for independence from conservative social norms . . . Her prose, which oscillates between memoir and fiction, has a laconic elegance that echoes the Beat poets. It can also be breezy, a remarkable quality at a time when her homeland, Taiwan, was under martial law." - The New York Times

"Marvelous . . . Sanmao is a meticulous observer and affecting raconteur. Her voice speaks from the page, as if written yesterday rather than almost 50 years ago--an effect, it must be admitted, which might in part be an artifact of the earnest translation by Mike Fu . . . If any work could be described as having been lovingly translated, it is this one." - Asian Review of Books

"Available in English for the first time, these semiautobiographical stories by a cherished Taiwanese writer . . . weave the quotidian and the historical into a single narrative: the wedding of a child bride; legends of evil spirits, heard while camping at night; rising hostility to both Spanish rule and the looming influence of Morocco." - The New Yorker

"Stories of the Sahara mark[s] the beginning of Sanmao's glorious, prodigious literary career ... Beyond her infectious energy, Sanmao reveals keen insight, astute self-awareness, and the rare glimpses of unsettled loneliness." - Christian Science Monitor

"[Sanmao's life] was a blueprint for how legends are born . . . She was adventurous and a home-body, brave and insecure, funny and serious." - PopFam

"A role model far ahead of her time . . . Now, mainland-born and Taiwanese-raised Sanmao is taking her rightful place in the pantheon of female travel writers with the English-language publication of Stories of the Sahara . . . Her confessional style, which can be painfully honest but is always self-aware and shot through with humour, fits perfectly in the age of #MeToo, despite the book being written five decades earlier . . . Her candidness about her marriage and life, along with her love of challenging convention, explains why Sanmao has been a heroine for Chinese women . . . Sanmao deserves all the praise, even if it has been a long time coming" - David Eimer, South China Morning Post

"[Stories of the Sahara] revives the spirit of this international hero, and reminds us why [Sanmao] still symbolizes strength and adventure across the world." - Character Media

"Ground-breaking . . . Sanmao wrote breezily but she captured the complexities of 'learning the art of living here' . . . A compelling tale of someone who was enraptured but uneasy, and Sanmao's pluck is admirable" - Geographical

"Brilliantly translated." - India Today

"Riveting reissue aged like a good wine . . . A valuable record" - Irish Times

"An enduring cultural icon and figure of quixotic fascination . . . Every story conveys Sanmao's infectious capacity for wonder" - Sharlene Teo, author of 'Ponti'

"Sanmao's vivid descriptions of Sahara life, with its assortment of local personalities and unexpected twists, make an engaging read, but an undeniable part of the book's enduring appeal is Sanmao herself. Stories of the Sahara offers a glimpse into not only an underreported time and place, but also the making of a cultural icon." - Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute