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About the Author

Caroline Fernandez is an award-winning author of children's books, magazine feature articles and blog posts. Filed away, in her office, is an English degree from McMaster University and a Teacher of English as a Second Language Certificate. She is the author of The Adventures of Grandmasaurus (series), Asha and Baz (series), Hide and Seek: Wild Animal Groups In North America and more! Silver Birch Non-Fiction Honour Award winner and Purple Dragonfly Award winner. Caroline writes, drinks tea, and bakes in Toronto, ON. Follow on Twitter and Instagram: @ParentClubShannon O'Toole has been illustrating children's books since 2018. Originally a figurative painter, Shannon has been exploring new ways to tell stories through her art. Her artistic practices are inspired by the many unique characters and people in her life. In addition to her work in children's books, Shannon is an elementary school teacher. When she is not painting, she can be found drinking coffee, watching classic movies and exploring new recipes in her kitchen. Shannon lives and works outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Recommended Excerpt: ONCE UPON A ... WAIT. YOU? NOT YOU! IT IS MY DUTY TO PROTECT THE PAGES OF THIS BOOK FROM TROUBLEMAKERS LIKE YOU. STOP READING THIS BOOK. IS SOMEONE HELPING YOU READ THIS BOOK? ASK THEM TO STOP RIGHT NOW, PLEASE AND THANK YOU. THINK OF ALL THE OTHER THINGS YOU COULD BE DOING RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE INSTEAD OF READING. COUNTING PENCILS, LINING UP SHOES, FOLDING UNDERWEAR. THANK YOU FOR CLOSING - We've all likely heard of reluctant readers, but a book that is reluctant at being read!? Well, that's the case in Stop Reading This Book! as the book repeatedly attempts to get you to abandon reading it. The above excerpt is the text from the book's opening two pages. As the book opens with the familiar story introduction, it recognizes its reader, you, as being a former troublemaker, and so it begins its efforts at dissuading you from continuing. You, of course, don't, and so the book threatens you, a villain, with meeting heroes in its pages, the book's logic being: HEROES ARE BRAVE AND SMART. AND YOU? WELL, YOU'RE THE OPPOSITE OF A HERO AREN'T YOU? When the appearance of heroes doesn't work, and after providing you with guidance on how to turn the pages back to the beginning "and pretend you didn't start reading", the book tries other approaches. In the event you are being read-to by someone, the book even addresses that individual. Dear person who is helping to read this book, strong>STOP HELPING This book is not for hooligans! Yours truly, This book. When the book posits the idea that your continued reading may be because you find the text too easy, it increases the reading difficulty level via a number of tongue twisters that are visually abetted by O'Toole's art. The book continues its efforts to cause you to abandon it, including fear, a challenge and a maze. Because you still do not stop, the book is forced into making a reassessment: YOU'RE NOT A TROUBLEMAKER AFTER ALL. ... I GUESS YOU CAN'T JUDGE A READER BY THEIR COVER! Despite the book's finally accepting you as its reader, it seemingly cannot prevent itself from still telling you not to read the closing list of 20 vocabulary words. A fun example of the use of reverse psychology to achieve a desired goal, Stop Reading This Book! will be grabbed up by reluctant and eager readers alike. Though the book is illustrated with O'Toole's comic style illustrations, the humour resides in Fernandez's delightful text and the book's imaginative design which incorporates various font sizes and reader directions. A worthy addition to home, school and public libraries.--Dave Jenkinson, Dave Jenkinson, CM's editor, lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. "CM: Canadian Review of Materials, Volume XXV / Issue 38 - June 7 / 2019 "
Children are tricked into reading by a book which tries on every page to discourage the child from reading the next page. The book is a character in the story and feels that the child reader is a troublemaker. This only fuels the child's desire to read on. By the end of the tale, the Book decides that the child is really not a troublemaker after all. Instead he says" I guess you can't judge a reader by their cover" The author uses this clever trick to encourage children to read and to learn how much fun reading can be. The illustrations are very amusing and lively. This is a very original and diverting way to encourage children to read. Thematic Links: Reading; Persistence; Motivating Reading--Isobel Lang "Resource Links, October 2019 Volume 25, Number 1 "