Stand Beautiful: A Story of Brokenness, Beauty and Embracing It All

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About the Author

Chloe Howard is on a mission to empower people of all ages to embrace their uniqueness and boldly face their beautiful selves. Born with a foot deformity, Chloe had five major operations by the time she was 15. Through her hardships, Chloe learned that differences are unique, bullying needs to be stopped from the inside out, and worth is most valuable when it comes from within. Today, Chloe is the voice of Stand Beautiful, a movement promoting the acceptance of self and others. She has been featured on NPR, Teen Vogue, and was recently a TEDx Speaker. She has been the subject of two documentaries and toured internationally with Visit for more information about Chloe and her message.

Margot Starbuck, an award-winning writer and New York Times Best-Selling collaborator, is the author of over a dozen books. A graduate of Westmont College and Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church, Margot is passionate about telling stories that matter. On weekends you can catch her leading women's retreats, rollerskating near her home in Durham, North Carolina, or performing stand up. Learn more at


'Like Emily Doe, Chloe Howard transformed her victimhood into a superpower. These remarkable young women share the gift of inspiration. Being the victim of a crime can make you feel mute and powerless. But Chloe uses her strength, her spirituality, and her clear, powerful voice to call out to those who have suffered bullying. Chloe's ode to finding self-worth is an important message for anyone who has felt the sting of self-doubt or the humiliation of harassment: Stand Beautiful.'--Alaleh Kianerci, Santa Clara County Prosecutor of the Brock Turner Stanford sexual assault case
'Chloe's powerful reflection of her abuse at the hands of young bullies and the lessons she has learned on her journey make Stand Beautiful a gift of hope to anyone who has faced humiliation and wondered if any good could ever come from it. It's a gripping story with a strong message for anyone who wants to rise above the spirit of darkness in our world today and bring hope that we can do better.'--Mark Matlock, president of WisdomWorks and author of Faith for Exiles and Living a Life That Matters
'Chloe Howard is a true world changer. There is nothing more inspiring than someone who harnesses a painful experience for good. And there is no better example of that transformational spirit than Chloe. Being lucky enough to witness Chloe's meeting with Bono and see the incredible good she's done with that inspiration since inspires me to be braver in fighting for good, and I believe Stand Beautiful will do that for you as well.'XX--Matthew Pohlson, cofounder, Omaze
'Wow. I'm impressed. And I don't say this lightly. Chloe's book is incredible. The strength this seventeen-year-old shares while in the midst of bullying is appropriate not only for teens but for adults who experience tough battles in life. We all get knocked down, but Chloe's resolve, tenacity, and solidity through the worst times in her life are an encouragement to all of us! Again: WOW.' X--Dr. Susie Shellenberger, speaker and writer
'Chloe's story Stand Beautiful is a contemporary, vulnerable account of personal experience, empathy, and evangelism that serves as an inspiring reminder that we are all unique, broken, and imperfect; yet God unconditionally sees us, accepts us, and loves us. It's a beautiful testimony of trust, transformation, and triumph--in Jesus.'--Brian M. Van Hall, FACHE COO, CURE International
'Think of a quilt, a homemade-with-love-kind of blanket with all the different squares. Got it? Now, on those squares, write the repeated words provision, protection, meaning, and belonging. These are the four basic desires of us, as humans, that are all woven together like a quilt in this quest for our humanity. The squares of us intertwine to create a beautiful picture through us, but only one square at a time. However, every once in a while, I hear a story, meet a human, that brings us beyond our own pictures and lets us look upon the whole tapestry that is humanity at one time. Chloe's story will cover you with the common threads of humanity, give you a bigger picture of your own story, and challenge you to stand beautiful in your own square of this beautiful thing called life. This is not a book, but a vision.' XX--Eric Samuel Timm, orator, artist, and author of Static Jedi: The Art of Hearing God Through the Noise
'Chloe's personal journey inspires us to not give up, to know that we are not disabled but enabled, and that it's not about how we show up but how God shows up in us. Her story emboldens us to embrace God's work within us--that in the midst of pain, isolation, and hurt, we can stand entirely and fully beautiful!'--Mike Romberger, President/CEO, Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center
'As a TEDx organizer, I'm focused on the result of our speakers' efforts: The Talk. But in this book, I could instead focus on Chloe's experience as she traveled toward the red circle. Her gift for expressing deep thoughts helped bring those weeks to life for me, and her struggles with insecurities and doubts put a lens on the challenges she faced before taking that first step onto the stage. Rarely do we meet people who are gifted communicators, both in creating well-crafted stories and possessing the poise necessary to present them in a high-stakes setting. Chloe's insight into the turmoil within a teenager's psyche is immensely readable.' X--Mark Sylvester, executive producer, TEDxSantaBarbara
'Stand Beautiful is a powerful and meaningful book that needs to be read, understood, and appreciated. The author, although young, has much to say, and there is much to be learned from her writing. I teach a class in Disabilities, and this is the kind of text that can be used to help students, as well as others, navigate the importance and complexities that surround this subject.' X--Jeff Banks, Ph.D., Professor of Teaching of Humanities and Teacher Education at Pepperdine University
'Mark Twain once said, 'The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why.' Chloe has written a beautiful account of the way in which her own experience of human suffering arising from a birth defect helped her discover God's greater purpose for her life. Her sensitive, articulate account demonstrates that there is nothing predictable in this process. In fact, Chloe's amazing story unveils her own discovery of why her life was created, how she is fearfully and wonderfully made, and what her life contribution will ultimately include. This book is sure to bring hope and comfort to countless millions who must pivot away from the crucibles of suffering at the hands of other humans to find God's greater purposes for their life. Chloe's narrative is sure to inspire a positive, hopeful engagement with all that life brings.'X--Gayle D. Beebe, PhD, president of Westmont College
'In a world that tends to whisper you're 'never enough, ' there is a need for voices and stories that affirm that we really are. Chloe's voice is one of those--she doesn't hide her pain; rather, she finds purpose in sharing it. Anyone reading this book will begin to see that personal heartbreak and pain can often lead us toward our greatest strengths and triumphs. Her story is a brave movement of love, one that we can be a part of if we dare to stand beautiful in our own way.' X--Brooklyn Lindsey, author, speaker, and founder of the Justice Movement
'This is a must-read book for all victims of abuse/bullying and their abusers/bulliers. It is also a must-read for all individuals with physical differences and their health care providers. Chloe's message is pertinent and timely. Her communication style is eloquent, engaging, and endearing. This book has changed me; I believe I will be a better doctor for having read her words and for considering this outcome measure not found in any published clinical research article that I have written or read. We, as health care providers, cannot make everything normal, but we can and should be better attuned to the difference between medical 'success' and patient life experiences.' X--Vincent S. Mosca, MD; Professor of Orthopedics at the University of Washington, and Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon, Chief of Foot and Ankle Service, and Director of the Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship
'I've been working with teenagers for more than thirty-five years; and while there are many reasons I continue, one of my top reasons is how hopeful I continue to find them to be. Reading a story like Chloe's could be discouraging if you focus on the problems it reveals. But, ultimately, it's a story of overcoming, a story of redemption, a story of passion to change the world--and we all need more of that ... I know I do.' XX--Doug Fields, founder of Download Youth Ministry and author of Purpose Driven Youth Ministry