Scorpion King: America's Suicidal Embrace of Nuclear Weapons from FDR to Trump (Revised)

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About the Author

Scott Ritter is a former Marine intelligence officer who served in the former Soviet Union, implementing arms control agreements, and on the staff of General Schwartzkopf during the Gulf War, where he played a critical role in the hunt for Iraqi SCUD missiles. From 1991 until 1998, Mr. Ritter served as a Chief Inspector for the United Nations in Iraq, leading the search for Iraq's proscribed weapons of mass destruction. He was a vocal critic of the US decision to go to war with Iraq. Dealbreaker: Donald Trump and the Unmaking of the Iran Nuclear Agreement was his eigth book.
William R. Polk, the author of Understanding Iraq, taught at Harvard until becoming the member of the State Department's Policy Planning Council responsible for the Middle East in 1961. He served as head of the interdepartmental task force on the Algerian war and was a member of the crisis management subcommittee during the Cuban missile crisis. After leaving government, he became professor of history at the University of Chicago and president of the Adlai Stevenson Institute of International Affairs.


"In this urgently timely updating of his 2010 critique of US nuclear disarmament policy, Scott Ritter drives home America's addiction to nuclear weapons and to an insane predilection for preemptive attack. From his titular allusion to Oppenheimer's "two scorpions in a bottle", to his closing discussion of a U.S. nuclear war game using a low yield warhead to target Russian troops while NATO carries out its biggest military exercise in years on Russia's border, Ritter provides a compelling narrative depicting the suicidal mania that is American nuclear weapons policy. Scorpion King is must reading for all those who should be concerned about the danger of our nuclear weapons policies. That's everyone." -- DANIEL ELLSBERG, author of The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Cold War Planner
"An epic tale of the myriad opportunities the US has had to implement pathbreaking nuclear disarmament agreements, and how these opportunities, under both Democratic and Republican administrations, have been stopped, dropped or flopped." -- Medea Benjamin, codirector, CODEPINK for Peace

"With 501 pages, including end notes, the Scorpion King takes more than one evening to fully comprehend. But I for one am grateful to have had the chance to read it page for page. Scott Ritter's opus will now be THE work of reference to consult when I write about nuclear policies." --MOON OF ALABAMA
"A comprehensive and illuminating account of America's paralyzing infatuation with nuclear weapons. This expanded edition of Scott Ritter's 2010 book drives home the point made in the original: The ominous threat of Doomsday persists, with U.S. policymakers unable to extricate themselves from the reckless pact with the devil made by their predecessors more than a half-century ago." -- ANDREW BACEVICH, President of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft

"Scott Ritter's Scorpion King is an important and necessary wake-up call. Nuclear weapons, in the quantities that now exist, are a threat to our very existence. They have no rational military use, yet we still cling to them, "modernize" them, and undermine the international agreements designed to keep them under control. This book should be required reading for political leaders, media pundits, and citizens who want to leave a future to our children and grandchildren."
-- JACK J. MATLOCK, JR, author of Superpower Illusions: How Myths and False Ideologies Led America Astray