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"It only takes the first half a dozen pages for [Gee] to create a fully realised world wherein he draws his readers with gusto...A genuinely exciting story with meaty characters and a storyline that never falters, even as Gee tests the very limits of his young protagonist."-- "Sunday Age"
"A skilfully told story, taught and fast-moving, but with a rich mixture of dark reality to it."-- "Magpies Magazine"
"A superbly written and realised fantasy for those who demand a thought-provoking read."-- "Weekend Herald"
"The theme of building a new world from the old informs the narrative, and there is necessary sacrifice and bloodshed along the way...The novel moves at a good pace and the ending is both satisfying in itself, and a lead in to the second novel in the trilogy."-- "Viewpoint Magazine"
"Gee is imaginative and masterful with his descriptions in this first of a trilogy."-- "Herald Sun (Melbourne)"
"A fantasy without destined heroes redeeming the entire world from the forces of ultimate evil is refreshing... Admirable characters confronting human realities make for compelling reading."-- "Kirkus Reviews"
"A compelling tale of anger and moral development that also powerfully explores the evils of colonialism and racism."-- "Publishers Weekly"
"Gee demonstrates his originality by spinning the adventure around ideas of colonialism and radioactive weaponry. These ethically compelling issues are refreshing in a fantasy novel."-- "VOYA"
"In spare yet vivid prose, Gee creates a world of oppressive caste systems and endless violence in which our heroes work to save people from their own dark nature. This is a suspenseful, somber fantasy that combines exciting action with a subtle spiritual element."-- "Booklist"
"Salt is more fantastical than the Twilight books and darker than the Harry Potter ones... Salt creates a wholly unique and timeless universe of weapons like fizzing rings and fingertip bolts while keeping character motivations firmly grounded in that's-what-I'd-do territory. It's certainly an adventure of a read."-- "CD Syndicated"
[Starred Review] "Salt succeeds in being not only plot driven and fast paced, but also character oriented...The dominant themes of prejudice and governmental oppression are subtly presented and do not overpower the action-filled plot. Salt will delight lovers of dystopic fantasies and leave them anxious for the second installment."-- "School Library Journal"
"A non-stop ride with thrills around every bend and as a reader, I did not want to get off...The substance found in Deep Salt reminded me of pure and lethal uranium, and the descriptions of the animals in this book were ghastly. I very much enjoyed this fantasy of worlds of privilege and want collide. Highly recommended."-- "Tucson Unified School District"
"Gee's dramatic prose and keen eye for detail create a chilling portrayal of a world destroyed by greed and lust for power...This dystopian adventure provides plenty of fodder for discussion, and interested readers will look forward to the promised sequel."-- "Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books"
[Starred Review] "Gee has mastered the art of creating a fantasy world without cumbersome description: character and dialogue, as much as situation, give this story its compelling momentum and considerable interest...Gee's environmental themes are embedded in his plot but also in the very notions of identity and maturity his fantasy proposes; imagery and idea thus mesh admirably...Hari and Pearl are evolving, engaging heroes, and their many suspenseful adventures are conveyed in vivid, economical prose."-- "The Horn Book Magazine"
"[The] complex issue of human nature and human existence is addressed here in a way that is never strident and never naive. In the end, it is up to the reader to decide."-- "Resource Links"
"Complete with an underground world, colossal statues of tyrants, and wise mentors, comparisons to Lord of the Rings are inevitable, and for this reviewer deservedly so. I was completely enthralled...With equal parts of violence and poignancy, Salt will keep readers in suspense. Recommended."-- "Library Media Connection"
"A great read...with adventure, young lovers and wonderful fantasy."-- "Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children's Media"
"[Gee] creates a world that is both mysterious and entirely familiar...Will appeal for its storytelling skill but also warrants thoughtful reflection on the use of force and the abuse of power and on how good can triumph over evil, even when evil cannot be entirely eliminated."-- "Canadian Teacher"
"This dystopian novel unflinchingly examines issues of class and race in a page-turner that does not sacrifice character development for plot points. Give this one to Suzanne Collins fans awaiting Mockingjay or fans of Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series."-- "Highlands Regional Book Evaluation"
"A fantastical tale filled with magical abilities, a corrupt regime, and unspeakable terror hidden in a deadly cave...A warning to all: once you enter Gee's magical world, there is no turning back until the trilogy is complete."-- "The ALAN Review"
"The author's voice and Hari's silent dialogue are enthralling."-- "Library Media Connection, Editor's Choice"
"The iconic-style cover grabbed my eye from across a crowded BEA aisle and demanded I pick up the book...The best part: The characters are wild, fierce, and competent....The worst part: That I don't already have the sequel in my hands...Plot: Strong. Unique. Action-packed. What's not to love about an epic struggle for power and peace in a dystopian setting?...Solid writing. Solid action. Solid characters. Total win."-- ""
"Compelling storytelling...The author employs sharp imagery, believably creating another world."-- "TriState YA Book Review"
"Gee manages to create a vivid world filled with danger...The well-developed narrators also have interesting backgrounds and subplots, which keeps the suspense high. I strongly recommend Salt to anyone looking for an engaging story."-- "What If? Magazine"