Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future with 20 Projects

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About the Author

Joshua Sneideman is an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow with 10 years of experience as a middle school science teacher. He founded ECO International, an intercollegiate Environmental Congress to help Costa Rican high schools develop environmental community action plans. Joshua lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Erin Twamley is a professional adult educator and education specialist providing research and communications support in education. Erin lives in Washington, DC.

Heather Jane Brinesh holds a degree in art from Hampshire College and a Master's of Fine Arts in Illustration from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She currently serves as the lead artist for an independently-published serial and teaches art and humanities at Marin Montessori Junior High. Heather lives in in Berkeley, California.

Chidren's Literature Review

This book explores five renewable energy sources and helps the reader make informed decisions about the best energy choices. Covered are solar, wind, biofuel, hydro, and geothermal energy. A table of contents helps the reader navigate the six chapters and a timeline about energy precedes the introduction. Color illustrations complement the text. Sidebars throughout provide energy-related Worlds to Know. Twenty energy-related projects are included within the chapters. The content discusses pros and cons, links to online primary sources, hands-on activities, and accessible science links. The glossary defines relevant words. Seven essential questions are asked at the end of the text to serve as a comprehension check for readers. The index provides easy navigation through the text. Other Nomad titles related to renewable energy include Canals and Dams, Climate Change, Explore Electricity, and Explore Weather Climate. All of the books in this Build It Yourself series would be excellent additions to school libraries.

Praise for Renewable Energy: Discover the Fuel of the Future
School Library Connection
". . . Ideally, this book would work best as a resource for STEM, STEAM, or STREAM classrooms with copies for each student group to use. Recommended"

National Science Teachers Association RECOMMENDS
". . . The authors balance the positives for the renewable energy with a discussion of the ?trade?offs". The book would work as an introduction to renewable energy for children in grades 4?7."

Larissa Johnson, Coordinator, Climate Change Maryland Program University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
". . .The book is extremely easy to read and the instructions for the activities/experiments are easy to follow and this would be a great book for students in 3rd through 6th grade. . ."

School Library Journal
?Owing to an over reliance on fossil fuels, the need for renewable energy has become urgent. Examining the benefits and trade-offs of solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, wave, and biofuel energy, this work offers information and hands-on projects."

". . . an exciting read, not just because of the future potential for alternative energy sources, but also because of the existent, real-world success stories of wind farms, hydroelectric dams, and solar panels. . . a quality choice for both the classroom and pleasure reading . . ."

Emily Hawbaker, Curriculum Director, The NEED Project
"This fun book takes a ?buzz word" students may hear about on the news and makes it an accessible topic for students and young learners through hands-on activities and literacy connections. . ."

Michael Stone, Author of Oh, That's Education?, Cofounder of devX Teacher PD, and Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at the National Science Foundation
"This book delivers deep insights on renewable energy in a way that is dynamic and informative. Even better? It also offers ready-to-implement, inquiry-based activities that are sure to captivate, educate, and energize students. . . "
Connie Hamner Williams, National Board-certified Teacher; Librarian
?The use of inquiry and the scientific journal as tools for documenting investigations,
observations, and reflection is excellent practice for all kinds of research. Each
investigation takes kids to the core of the energy source to help them figure out where it comes from, how it is captured, and how it can best be used."

Austin Brown, Project Leader, National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Senior Policy Analyst, White House Office of Science and Technology
?Energy is a hidden but important part of all of our lives, and can be a very daunting topic to study. This book shows how learning about energy and the fight against climate change can be interesting, inspiring, and educational instead. An aspiring scientist or engineer will enjoy the hands-on activities and any student can use the text to explore the role of renewable energy in its various forms in our future."

Carol Homrighouse, Science Teacher
?This is a must-have for teachers and students! The book, through its relevant, current, and
age-appropriate information and activities, gives students the tools needed to make
responsible, educated choices that will impact their lives and affect the future of our

Brian F. Keane, President, SmartPower; Author of Green Is Good: Save Money, Make Money, and Help Your Community Profit from Clean Energy
?Renewable energy is real. It's here. And it's working. This how-to guide makes it fun and exiting! It's a must-read for anyone who wants to become truly energy smart!"

Minda Berbeco, PhD, Programs and Policy Director, National Center for Science Education
?This book takes students down a thoughtful and clever path to understand the mechanics of where energy comes from and the trade-offs associated with any energy source."

Praise for other books by Josh Sneideman and Erin Twamley:

Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth with 25 Projects
School Library Journal
"This installment of the well-known series encourages students to examine the timely subject of climate change . . . The book's energetic and enthusiastic approach is its strength. There are numerous sidebars, supplemental digital materials, and some solid hands-on projects, including how to make a telescope, a solar cooker, and an apple battery. The text and activities work together to remind students that the future is in their hands and they can be a part of the solution. A welcome addition."

Amazon #1 Hot New Release in Children's Earth Science Books

?Comparing Earth to a spaceship that relies on fresh water and clean air, this title in the Build It Yourself series focuses on how the planet's systems have become unbalanced, creating a climate change. . . chapters consider the numerous ways scientists can study climate change, inventions designed to restore Earth to its proper balance, and simple initiatives all humans can take in their own neighborhoods. Readers can explore these concepts in more depth through 25 accompanying activities, many of which highlight the scientific method. . . This hands-on approach will get students thinking about their own impact on climate change."

Erica Daniels Champions Before and After School Programs
? . . . Definitely one of the most interactive science texts geared towards middle-school students available. . . . Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth with 25 Projects is a comprehensive, engaging, project-based book that would deepen the interest in and understanding of science for any young reader in today's modern, technology-driven culture."

Anne Leonardi, Site Director, Market Mentor, Quality Achievement Award Winner, 2014 Knowledge Universe
?. . . Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth is a must have for teaching environmental awareness and responsibility for young passengers on ?Spaceship Earth." Authors Joshua Sneideman and Erin Twamley have created a comprehensive, engaging and approachable text that will maintain interest as it introduces and integrates STEM activities. I am excited to bring this exceptional resource to my afterschool program where it will be integral in achieving our STEM objectives."

Mark Partridge, Ph.D., Associate in Research, Florida State University
?Student engagement and learning in activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is of critical importance as we must encourage our students to pursue these fields later in life. Climate Change: Discover How It Impacts Spaceship Earth provides just the right amount of hands on student engagement relating to issues that are of critical importance in STEM fields. Students and teachers will love this text!"

Mark McCaffrey, Program and Policy Director, National Center for Science Education
?This graphically rich and friendly overview of climate change science includes an emphasis on how scientists know what they know about climate in general and human impacts on the climate system in particular."

Michael Arquin, Director & Founder, KidWind Project
?This comprehensive book for young students will be a useful resource for KidWind as we help teachers define the role that renewable energy can play in helping combat climate change. I love how it weaves a narrative of how our planet arrived at this place in our climate history and how we understand what is happening."

The NEED Project (National Energy Education Development)
?An excellent resource for helping students understand climate science and the basics of climate change. It supports critical thinking and inquiry processes and encourages interaction with primary sources."

J. Drake Hamilton, Science Policy Director, Minnesota-based Fresh Energy
?With an engaging set of project-based STEM activities aligned with the scientific vocabulary, this book helps bring climate change to life. Students will learn how innovation and problem-solving can help shape the future."

Michael Leifer, President & Co-Founder, Ecodads
?Bravo to the authors, who have taken the hard-to-articulate and difficult-to comprehend topic of climate change and translated it into a fun, experiential, and easy-to-digest exploration."

Melinda Higgins, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow 2013?2014.
?I love that students are encouraged to be part of the solution!"

Praise for other titles in the Build It Yourself series:

Garbage: Investigate What Happens When You Throw It Out
2012 Skipping Stones Honor Award, Nature and Ecology

National Science Teachers Association
?Is it time for your students to go GAGA? They'll learn Garbage Awareness and (conclude that) Garbage is Awesome when reading and discovering the amazing investigations in this book."

Planet Earth: 25 Environmental Projects You Can Build Yourself
2008 Parent's Choice Foundation Recommended

National Science Teachers Association
?This delightful and informative guide to the natural world is sure to captivate the attention of young readers. This book would be useful for leaders of enrichment groups, youth groups, scouts, and budding scientists and their families."