Public Intellectual: The Life of a Citizen Pilgrim

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About the Author
Richard Falk is professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University, the author of over twenty books and a specialist on the role of international law in global politics. The United Nations Human Rights Council appointed Falk as a United Nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Palestine in 2008.
This intimate and penetrating account of a remarkable life is rich in insights about topics ranging from the academic world to global affairs to prospects for a livable society. A gripping story, with many lessons for a troubled world. -- NOAM CHOMSKY
Whether you are a peace activist or researcher, or you care about the earth and fellow human beings, Public Intellectual will enrich you intellectually and politically. -- DR. VANDANA SHIVA
Richard Falk is one of the few great public intellectuals and citizen pilgrims who has preserved his integrity and consistency in our dark and decadent times. This wise and powerful memoir is a gift that bestows us with a tear-soaked truth and blood-stained hope. -- DR. CORNEL WEST
The 2008 global meltdown spotlighted America's own legions of greedy wolf warriors, feeding at the trough. Neither America's nor China's wolf warriors offer happy returns, but only our best deep thinkers, it seems, know this. One is Richard Falk who, in his just-published political memoir Public Intellectual, is as successful as anyone in making the point that what's needed is not simply a course correction but a new course. -- TOM PLATE, South China Morning Post
Much more than just the 'memoirs' of a leading international law professor, this book tells a story of law in practice, addressing many issues of international relations, including UN standard-setting and monitoring, which Falk explores, cogently discussing the interactions between politics and law, expressing his understanding that politics must be subordinated to law and not vice versa. He proposes a 'progressive' agenda, which has been difficult to achieve in the socio-political context of the past 60 years. Indeed, as distinguished Professor in Princeton and Santa Barbara, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, and in other capacities, Falk has argued convincingly against the corruption of international law by geopolitics. In so doing Falk has left his imprint on international law. The book adds an important dimension to the understanding of international law and those who shape it.. -- ALFRED DE ZAYAS, Netherlands International Law Review
Richard Falk is universally regarded as one of the top minds when it comes to international law. -- WALDEN BELLO, Economy and Politics
Falk's unique intellectual and political career poses a profound challenge to anybody working in International Relations: is it possible really to understand the dynamics of world politics without also participating passionately in its events? Many scholars argue that there should be a responsibility of objectivity in the social sciences; but Falk has never tried to be 'neutral'. All his works were consciously born from a partisan attempt to change reality and to take a side. Nobody else is likely to be a witness to so many world events as Richard Falk; but he is teaching us that, to understand International Relations, and indeed the social sciences more broadly, scholars should be brave enough to enter the political arena.-- DANIELE ARCHIBUGI, International Affairs
In this 'political memoir', internationally respected scholar of international law, Richard Falk, at 90 gives a frank and personal account of his evolution to a 'citizen pilgrim'. Falk has made considerable contributions to international law. His notable four volume work The Vietnam War and International Law (1968-76) was central in the legal debates around the Vietnam War...His present book is not only of interest to those who lived through the same times as Falk, but also for those reflecting on the contributions of academics for justice, peace and environment... Public Intellectual: The Life of a Citizen Pilgrim is elegant, personal, relevant and thought-provoking... -- PETER WALLENSTEIN, Journal of Peace Research
This book is must reading to remind us all how much higher the stakes are today for avoiding the Sixth Great Extinction which we ourselves still drive with our consumer societies. I hope all aspiring global citizens will learn as much from this book as I have. HAZEL HENDERSON,
"Falk is keenly aware of the challenges which we all face. As he writes 'Now the future, if conceived as an extension of the present, paints a bleak picture. The miseries of climate change, global migration, famine, autocratic governance, militarist geopolitics, and diminishing biodiversity seem unlikely to be alleviated within my life span and will more likely worsen.' Yet at the end, he holds out the hope for positive collective action to meet these challenges." RENE WADLOW, Association of World Citizens