Psychiatry and the Spirit World: True Stories on the Survival of Consciousness After Death

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About the Author

Alan Sanderson (1931-2022), M.D., M.R.C.P., M.R.C.Psych., was a consultant psychiatrist who qualified in medicine at St. Thomas's Hospital in London in 1954. After his retirement in 1998, he began lecturing on the practice of spirit release at the College of Psychic Studies in London. In 1999 he cofounded the Foundation for Spirit Release, which attracted more than 100 members. After the Foundation ended in 2012, Dr. Sanderson continued researching and writing on the survival of consciousness after death until his own passing in 2022.


"In today's world our understanding of the universe, and the very existence of our species, is largely dictated by the findings of physicalist science. Dr. Sanderson brings a very different vision--a spiritual science that transcends physical reality and one that joyfully affirms the healing power of the human spirit. A compelling read for all who question the fundamental meaning and purpose of life on Earth."-- "DR. ANDREW POWELL, psychiatrist and author of The Ways of the Soul and Conversations with the Soul"
"Beautifully written and meticulously researched, psychiatrist Alan Sanderson shares the journey to his ultimate understanding that we survive death of the physical body. He takes you by the hand and introduces you in a clear, sometimes humorous, way to various subjects proving this. This is a brilliant book by a caring physician. It is a book for everyone, no matter his or her religion, current beliefs, or even knowledge of the subject."-- "Edith Fiore, Ph.D., retired clinical psychologist and author of You Have Been Here Before: A Psychol"
"Fear of death and the belief that death is the end of consciousness is the greatest neurosis of humanity--a neurosis that has caused and still causes immense and unnecessary suffering. This book has one crucially important message for all of us: we survive death; the body dies but consciousness, or what used to be called the soul, survives; consciousness does not begin and end with the physical brain. The firewall erected between the visible and invisible dimensions of our experience--a firewall created by materialist or physicalist science--tells us that the universe is dead, the soul does not exist, and life has no transcendent meaning. This book offers a welcome release from our imprisonment in these limited beliefs and breaks the spell created by them. We are free to welcome and explore the many anomalous experiences dismissed for centuries by both science and religion. In this anxious time of living through a pandemic, when so many people are dying, this book will bring comfort and reassurance that there is life beyond the death of the body. We owe Alan Sanderson an immense debt of gratitude."-- "Anne Baring, author of The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul"
"I read Dr. Sanderson's Psychiatry and the Spirit World with fascination. He has brought together the full range of paranormal psychiatric techniques for curing mental illness. He specializes in spirit release, a therapy that brings healing to the victim by sending the attached or possessing spirit to the light. Using hypnosis, he engages the enraged, confused, or vengeful spirit and frees it. Dr. Sanderson laments that these highly successful techniques are never mentioned in medical schools and are shunned by most practicing psychiatrists, with their patients suffering the loss. The book also engagingly surveys much of the best research pointing to an afterlife. All told, Psychiatry and the Spirit World is a treasure for anyone bold enough to look for a fuller, more beneficial truth beyond the suffocating boundaries of an exclusively materialist science."-- "Stafford Betty, Ph.D., author of The Afterlife Therapist and The Afterlife Unveiled"
"Can you imagine a psychiatrist who has discovered the spirit world--and found it so valid and so helpful--that it is now a truth used in treatment? Prepare yourself. Miracles follow!"-- "P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D., researcher of near-death states for 42 years and author of The Forever Angel"