Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide

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Princeton University Press
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8.38 X 10.28 X 0.86 inches | 2.05 pounds

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About the Author
Jean-Jacques Petter (1927-2002) was a world authority on lemurs and one of France's leading primatologists. He was a research fellow at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in Paris. François Desbordes is one of France's premier wildlife illustrators. Robert Martin is the A. Watson Armour III Curator of Biological Anthropology at the Field Museum in Chicago.
"I can think of no better introduction to the non-human primates than Jean-Jacques Petter's and Francois Desbordes' Primates of the World. . . . The text is authoritative and readable and includes very good sections on the evolution of primates and the roles of environment and competition in influencing primate adaptations. There are also excellent chapters on territorial behavior, social organization, and sociality. The book is richly and beautifully illustrated by Francois Desbordes, and there are excellent life histories for each primate species. Primates of the World belongs on the shelf of anyone who wants to expand his or her understanding of human origins and of anyone who is captivated by the rich personal experiences, long-term detailed field observations, and passionate conservation messages of Diane Fossey and Jane Goodall."---Wayne Mones, Perch/Audubon Magazine's Blog
"This volume holds a treasure. . . . Primates indeed contains 72 illustrated plates describing, by continent, the major primate species inhabiting our planet. . . . [E]ach drawing, precise and magnificent, unveils their morphology, their colors, their postures. . . . [A] splendid and fascinating book."---Rafaële Brillaud, Science & Vie
"Those who love beautiful nature plates--in the tradition of Audubon and his birds--will be delighted by this landmark book. . . . [D]azzling illustrated plates."---Rachel Mulot, Sciences et Avenir
"A masterpiece. François Desbordes's 72 watercolor plates are pure marvels, in the great tradition of scientific pictures of the 19th century."---Marc Giraud, L'Oiseau Magazine
"Primates of the World by Jean-Jacques Petter & François Desbordes is a beautifully illustrated guide that is perfect for those who are interested in primates and a great reference guide to use for primate classes."---Raymond Ho, Prancing Papio
"'The' reference everyone interested in primates should have by their bedside."---Sylvie Nandelec, Scoop on Primates
"This text offers readers brief yet substantial information on almost 300 species of primates. . . . Introductory material provides significant information that is relevant across the primate species, including material on the origins of various primates, predators, social habits, classifications, and more. . . . Appropriate for students or general readers interested in enhancing their knowledge of primates."--Booklist
"Beautiful. . . . Readers will be fascinated by what Petter describes as the 'dazzling diversity of primates, ' and they'll be dazzled by the stunning illustrations. Highly recommended."---Cynthia Lee Knight, Library Journal
"[B]eautifully produced. . . . [I]t is the array of stunningly detailed watercolour illustrations by François Desbordes that makes the volume truly outstanding. . . . [A] joy to hold and leaf through, and will appeal to bibliophiles as well as primatophiles."---Ian Redmond, BBC Wildlife
"I wish I had this book available to me when I took a graduate course on primatology in the 1970s at the University of Richmond."---RK, Wildlife Activist
"This book is a combination of values. The first part is a readable text that can be enjoyed at leisure. The last half is a reference volume for the species most travellers are likely to encounter. The whole book gives a fascinating insight into this intriguing and intelligent group of mammals. It is good value for the price."---Emard Crescent, Canadian Field Naturalist
"This is not a volume one would reference for details of primate systematics or biogeography, but as a beautiful introduction to the diversity of color and form seen among living primates, it is a stunning success."---John G. Fleagle, Quarterly Review of Biology
"The design of the book is excellent, with color-coding employed nicely in the finely detailed range maps and in the classification section, and with the plates featuring high-quality reproductions on heavy paper. The plates are the real heart of the book and Francois Desbordes's wonderful watercolors will excite anybody interested in wildlife art."--Discovery
"[I]t would act as a good foundation for anyone hoping to study primates. It is also written lightly enough that it will not bamboozle the casual user. Therefore, it should find a home in libraries whose patrons are zoologists (primarily for the plates and population maps), but also in a public library for those members of the public wishing to expand their horizons."---Stuart Bentley, Reference Reviews
"Desbordes's illustrations are phenomenal. . . . It should be considered the most accessible guide to the world's primates. . . . Buy it--it's great!"---Darren Naish, Scientific American
"The publication excels with its rich, stunningly impressive and detailed drawings and watercolor paintings of the non-human primates--images, postures, and expressions that cannot be simply captured by camera. . . . A beautiful, yet reasonably priced, resource on the Order Primates even to undergraduates and graduates, and definitely a must-have for all those who appreciate the diversity of primates and beauty of the natural world."---Ramesh Boonratana, Asian Primates Journal