Occult Russia: Pagan, Esoteric, and Mystical Traditions


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About the Author

Christopher McIntosh is a British-born writer and historian, specializing in the esoteric traditions of the West. He has a doctorate in history from Oxford University, a degree in German from London University, and a diploma in Russian from the United Nations Language School. The author of many books, most recently Beyond the North Wind, he lives in Lower Saxony, North Germany.


"In Occult Russia, Christopher McIntosh, master historian of the esoteric, presents a panoramic view of a Russia few people in the West know about or even suspect exists. From its very beginnings, Russia has been a nation of magic, mysticism, and profound spirituality, and its people the bearers of a deep inner life. For most Westerners, Russia means either the dark days of the Soviet Union or the more recent tumultuous times following the USSR's collapse. But long before Lenin reached the Finland Station, a heady brew of pagan, Christian, and occult beliefs--and not Marx--informed Russia's turbulent, apocalyptic heritage. 'Occult, ' we know, means hidden, and in this painstakingly researched and finely written work, Christopher McIntosh brings this hidden side of Russian history, too long kept in the shadows, into the light."-- "Gary Lachman, author of The Return of Holy Russia"
"Insightful, meticulously researched, and timely in so many ways, Occult Russia is a passionate journey to the heart and soul of Russia. Christopher McIntosh, author of many groundbreaking books, masterly uncovers the 'hidden history' of the vast northern land, introducing an amazing cast of dramatic and colorful characters, from shamans to commissars, artists to conspirators, mystics to messiahs. . . . This book may hold the key to understanding Winston Churchill's observation, Russia is 'a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.' You'll not find a more fascinating or wonderfully written study of occult Russia and the powerful spiritual energies emanating from that enigmatic nation. I heartily recommend this book."-- "David P. Jones, New Dawn magazine"
"This book of marvels might easily have been called The Spirit of Russia, or The Spirit in Russia, for that is its true trajectory. Christopher McIntosh wants to show us an unknown country with an immensely varied culture based on spiritual awareness of God or divine powers in humankind and in the natural world that brings us life. We cross the threshold from nature to super-nature with remarkable ease with the assistance of the uniquely Russian sensibility. It is enormously helpful to see this range of knowledge brought to bear with such vivid focus on a single country. That country is today one of the most controversial in the world. We hear much about Russia--or think we do. What we do not hear, and what I fear the prevailing mentality of our dominant news media does not want us to hear--you will find beautifully and simply expressed in this vital book. If 'occult' is taken in its true meaning of 'something hidden, ' this book is indeed about an occulted Russia, hidden from the eyes of the West, which has so much to learn from it. This is a vital, engaging, always surprising text for anyone who wants to understand this massive neighbor of East and West, and who has the courage to build on the courage of those who have, against the odds, worked and suffered and died to maintain and promote spiritual consciousness in Russia. Christopher's book also shows where spirituality can be harnessed to some rather unspiritual objectives. We see the beauty, and the warts, but all in all: a must-read. Occult Russia is sober, informed, provocative, clear, and important."-- "Tobias Churton, Britain's leading scholar of Western Esotericism and author of Deconstructing"
"Occult Russia is a study of the mystical, artistic, and neo-pagan ideals that are transforming Russia. This book is lively and urbane because Christopher McIntosh is deeply informed about the inspiring contemporary scene in the post-Soviet era. Many believe a huge spiritual revival is happening. Deliciously detailed, he describes a building wave of enchantment, exciting magic, and mystery that is awakening deep in the Russian soul. People inspired by Tolstoy's ideals--pacifism, vegetarianism, and the use of potent folk medicine for vibrant health--are moving back to the land to live in communities. American New Age readers will be amazed to see that current Russian idealism is very much like their own! This book is a gem for anyone who has found deep richness in Russian culture and wonders what is going on now since the fall of communism. Thoroughly entertaining, informative, and deeply meaningful-- a page-turner!"-- "Barbara Hand Clow, author of Awakening the Planetary Mind"
"Occult Russia is a superb introduction to hidden aspects of Russian spiritual life, full of striking reflections and themes. To explore the richness of Russian spirituality, you can't do better than this book."-- "Arthur Versluis, author of The Secret History of Western Sexual Mysticism and Sacred Earth"