No Miracles Needed


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Cambridge University Press
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About the Author

Mark Z. Jacobson is a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of the Atmosphere/Energy Program at Stanford University. He has published six books and over 175 peer-reviewed papers. His work forms the scientific basis of the Green New Deal and many laws and commitments for cities, states, and countries to transition to 100% renewable electricity and heat generation. He received the 2018 Judi Friedman Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2019, was selected as 'one of the world's 100 most influential people in climate policy' by Apolitical. He has served on an advisory committee to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, appeared in a TED talk, appeared on the David Letterman Show, and co-founded The Solutions Project.


'A meticulous primer on achieving a WWS energy transition.' Kirkus Reviews
'... the argument is convincing and optimistic. Readers looking to rebut criticism about green energy will find this a great help.' Publishers Weekly
'Professor Jacobson eschews expensive pie in the sky technology like carbon capture or nuclear to show us the way out of a multi-layered problem. Pollution, climate catastrophe and energy security can all be addressed with his simple plan. Mark lays it out in an easy-to-read, step-by-step guide that gives hope and helps us all to easily understand that these problems are not insurmountable or even very expensive. We have virtually all we need to move ahead with a cleaner, safer and more secure world starting today. You knowing it will accelerate this necessary transition away from burning things to power our lives. This book is a godsend.' Mark Ruffalo
'To those who wrongly insist we lack the tools to decarbonize our economy today, I say: read energy systems expert Mark Jacobson's amazing new book. In No Miracles Needed, Jacobson presents a comprehensive and detailed, yet highly accessible and readable blueprint for the options we have right now to address the climate crisis by taking advantage of existing renewable energy, storage, and smart grid technology combined with electrification of transportation systems, and efficiency measures. Read this book and be informed and engaged to help tackle the defining challenge of our time.' Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Penn State University and author of The New Climate War
'Many people believe or fear that we can't solve the climate crisis, because we just don't have the technologies in hand to do so. This book should lay that fear to rest, once and for all.' Naomi Oreskes, co-author (with Erik M Conway) of The Big Myth: How American Business Taught Us to Loathe Government and Love the Free Market
'... shows impressively that numerous crises can be killed with one stone, without us having to wait for miracles: the energy, economic, health, and biodiversity crises can be solved by transitioning to a smart and complete supply of renewable energies. Let's not wait for miracles: let's simply implement it as soon as possible. Well worth reading!' Claudia Kemfert, German Institute for Economic Research and Professor of Energy Economics and Energy Policy at Leuphana University
'... a highly compelling and accessible book laying out the best path for [our] energy future, one that is achievable with currently available technologies, with no need for some new miraculous breakthrough. This is a must read for all who care about the future of our society and our planet, written by the world's premier thinker on energy futures.' Bob Howarth, Cornell University
'... blends science, engineering and history into a readable cornucopia of information ... Mark's style is to present approachable depth on dozens of major topics: everything you need to understand, and to join the fight against, the peril of our time.' Anthony R. Ingraffea, Cornell University
'Forget future miracle technologies promised by snake oil salespeople. This book offers a practical and real-world solution today. It is a must read for everyone concerned about climate change and air pollution and interested in the transition to a more sustainable all-purpose renewable energy future. It is sure to be one of the most important books that you will read this decade.' Peter Strachan, Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University
'Mark Jacobson's essential book, No Miracles Needed, offers clean, safe, and efficient solutions for our energy needs in this time of ever-growing climate chaos and disaster ... The tools for producing, storing, and transmitting affordable and safe clean energy exist here and now with wind, water, and solar. No miracles are needed. A tireless and brilliant advocate for the environment, Professor Mark Jacobson's voice must be read, heard, and acted upon - now.' Heidi Hutner, Stony Brook University
'A masterful yet definitive book on renewable energy technology for those serious about understanding clean energy and how America and the world can transition to clean energy.' John J. Berger, author of Solving the Climate Crisis: Frontline Reports from the Race to Save the Earth
'Jacobson's scholarly and analytical book is persuasive' The Economist