Love Lost Adventure: The Lie


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Imagine Media Concepts
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6.0 X 9.0 X 0.94 inches | 1.52 pounds

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About the Author

Roseann Gargiulo is an author, musician, filmmaker, and multimedia designer. She studied Motion Picture and Theatre Arts at the University of Miami and then received her Master's in Information Technology at Florida State University.



"Absolutely Brilliant." - Laura W., United Kingdom

"I LOVE it. It's thrilling. I couldn't put it down and read it in four days!" - Gail O., United States.

"Riveted by the multiple stories, smiling at the characters and how you can read their minds in real language. Endearing!!" - Suzanne D., Canada


1) 5-Star review by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite: Love Lost Adventure: The Lie by Roseann Gargiulo is a romantic tale of suspense, a story of many plots, all gradually threading together. This is an awesome story told by a master storyteller. It's a mixture of romance, history, murder, mystery, and adventure, with a good dash of humor thrown in for good measure. It's both heart-stopping and heartwarming, with an eclectic mix of characters that you will adore.

2) 5-Star review by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite: This captivating journey through time and emotions follows protagonist Theodora Hayes, affectionately known as Teddy. Author Roseann Gargiulo's characters are richly developed, and their deep connections evoke a range of emotions, taking readers from laughter to tears at the turn of a page. This deft command of emotional vulnerability is down to the intricacies of the dialogue and narrative presentation, which allows us a close look at Teddy and those around her when her emotions are put to the test. The novel keeps you engaged and always guessing at what may happen next as it navigates through mishaps, human connections, and a cast of fascinating ensemble characters. Overall, Love Lost Adventure: The Lie is a beautifully written tale that explores the enduring power of love and the mysteries of the human heart. I would highly recommend it as a must-read for those who enjoy a blend of historical fiction, romance, and adventure, all wrapped up in a compelling, emotive narrative.

3) 5-Star review by Miche Arendse for Readers' Favorite: People will do crazy things for love, and there is no better example of this than Love Lost Adventure: The Lie by Roseann Gargiulo, an unexpectedly riveting story revolving around the good and bad sides of love, from betrayal and heartache to unending devotion. Gargiulo did a fantastic job with this book by bringing together several genres seamlessly. This is a wonderfully written book, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Anyone who loves a romance that isn't just a romance would appreciate this work.

4) 5-Star review by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite: It's all fun and games until somebody ends up in an incinerator! When I first picked up The Lie by Roseann Gargiulo, I admit I thought it would be a pretty standard young adult love story. The formula model is usually some combination of girl chasing boy, girl meeting new boy, girl has a choice to make. Gargiulo threw a spanner into that theory, crafting the ancient Blood & Bones Society and, while far less important, putting characters in shady places like at The Fat Black Pussycat, which is brilliant enough to be a band name.

5) 5-Star review by Stephanie Chapman for Readers' Favorite: The alternating perspectives in from several characters provided transitions that built suspense. The sudden twists in the plot made it unpredictable, and I was on edge as I read each page. Obstacles like betrayal, information leaks, rumors, and power battles accompany Teddy's hunt for passion in Love Lost Adventure.