Lost Teachings of the Runes: Northern Mysteries and the Wheel of Life


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About the Author

Known as the Rune Woman, Ingrid Kincaid is an author, educator and workshop facilitator with over 45 years of experience. She is a staff-carrying wise woman in the Old Norse tradition and her connection with the runes is ancestral. Ingrid teaches throughout the United States and Europe. Visit her at www.ingridkincaid.com.


"The ancestors have not stopped teaching us. In Lost Teachings of the Runes: Northern Mysteries and the Wheel of Life, Ingrid Kincaid illuminates a simultaneously very new and very old way of engaging with the mystical North. The runes come alive in unique ways, embraced by a seasonal cycle, and rooted in the center of the World Tree. Kincaid encourages a questioning spirit. What do you experience as the Wheel turns around? This book has answers and more questions. It is a pioneering and powerful vision." --Dawn Work-MaKinne, Ph.D., and author contributor to Goddesses in World Cultures and Myths Shattered and Restored--Dawn Work-MaKinne, PhD
"You don't have to be a runemaster to love Lost Teachings of the Runes and to benefit from its profound, yet clear and direct teachings. Author Ingrid Kincaid offers new perspectives that will beneficial those already familiar with the topic but also those with little prior knowledge of the runes. Lost Teachings of the Runes is a guide to using this ancient, practical wisdom to live your best life now." --Judika Illes, author of Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells--Judika Illes
"In Ingrid Kincaid's book, the runes spring to life with a new force. Born out of a visceral and passionate engagement with her own northern ancestral tradition, her book is a searching exploration of the runes and their meaning, but much more - it is a paean, a poem, a meditation, and a clarion call "for the lost teachings of the runes to return with intensity and brilliance." The book takes the reader on a marvelous journey through the symbols, probing their deeper layers and many-faceted messages. For the reader who wants to work actively with the runes this book provides a framework for orientation and a series of guided meditations. In the words of the writer: "The teachings and wisdom of the runes bring us back into harmony with all life, with our bodies and with the earth." --Christopher McIntosh PhD, author of Beyond the North Wind--Christopher McIntosh, PhD
"Very impressive and emanating a great love towards the Northern heritage, and the wish to share this universally, the first part of Lost Teachings of the Runes is pure evocative poetry. Reading it throws one into a pleasant light trance from which your own ideas emerge. It is just how it is written--the Dance of Runes manifesting themselves in writing. It sings! The runes are examined from a primordial understanding as 'Living Beings', closely intertwined with nature. This is very intriguing. Containing a slew of new visualization techniques, centering around The Wheel of Life, this book will appeal to Pagans of all stripes, shamanic workers, and Heathens. But it does require an open mind. This book asks a lot of question which are well worth meditating upon. Some of these are very hard questions and will challenge your perceptions. Lost Teachings of the Runes is a Song of Runes It sure has given me a different perspective on the runes to contemplate." --Freya Aswynn, author of Northern Mysteries and Magick and Leaves of Yggdrasil--Freya Aswynn
"Ingrid Kincaid is a wise and powerful soul whose spirited presence, and profound teaching offer positive proof that the mysteries of the runes are as relevant and prophetic today as they were at the dawn of history. Irreverent, inspired, and deeply original, her modern approach to this ancient system provides readers with uniquely practical tools for authentic living. In a landscape of wannabes and half-baked sages, Kincaid is the real deal. Buy this book." - Mark Matousek, author of Sex Death Enlightenment and When You're Falling, Dive--Mark Matousek