Lola Goes to the Doctor

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About the Author
Marcia Goldman has a master's degree in special education and has worked for 25 years to provide therapeutic programs for children with autism and their families. She lives in Atherton, CA. Lola is a Yorkshire Terrier who is proud to be a certified therapy dog. She uses the skills she learned in doggy therapy training at elder centers, preschools, classrooms, and bookstores.
Once kids see how brave Lola is, they'll want to be brave too. The perfect book to get kids -- and their dogs -- ready for a visit to the doctor!
-- Carrie Ardoin, Blogger and Reviewer at Sweet Southern Home

I wish I'd had this book with me the last time I was at the doctor's. Lola is a wonderful example of facing the waiting room and beyond with patience and resolve.
-- Jason Greene, Blogger and Reviewer at OneGoodDad
I wish I'd had this book with me the last time I was at the doctor. Lola is a wonderful example of facing the waiting room and beyond with bravery and resolve.
-- Jason Greene, One Good Dad

Once kids see how brave Lola is, they'll want to be brave too. The perfect book to get kids -- and their dogs -- ready for a visit to the doctor!
-- Carrie Ardoin, reviewer, Sweet Southern Home

This story focuses on the feelings of a dog, Lola, who is visiting a doctor. The volume is especially designed for teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The words in the text convey emotions, while pictures show what happens. The visit begins with Lola in the waiting room. She sees many new faces and new animals. She needs to wait for her turn and uses the time to investigate the chicken, the pig, and other big dogs. Lola is nervous. When the nurse calls her name, she goes in, all by herself. She is big and getting brave. The book goes through the routine of doctor exam. Readers will love when Lola gets a treat for being brave. There is a little bit of humor in the story too. This is a great book for inclusive classrooms or for a reading specialist. A discussion guide is provided in the back of the book.
--Rani Iyer, Washington State University Pullman
--Reading Today Online, International Reading Association

Children will easily relate to the spunky little pooch, identifying with her worries, cheering her bravery and feeling better about their next doctor visits. The charming, simple line drawings of Lola playing doctor on the endpapers provide another dimension.
-- Kirkus Reviews

Lola Goes to the Doctor tackles a very scary subject in the minds of young children. . .Who wouldn't be comforted by that sweet puppy's face as she sits patiently in the waiting room with other animal friends, meets the nice doctor, gets weighed, has her teeth and ears checked, has her temperature taken, and even gets a shot? I'll admit, her face does get a bit sad when she sees the needle, but it's an adorable sad face that is encouraging. She presents the message that it's ok to be scared, but that everything will be ok.. . There are no illustrations in this book, just photos of Lola's visit to the doctor. I feel like this is actually a huge selling point because it gives children the opportunity to see what a doctor's office is like. It's not scary. It's clean, has fun toys in the waiting room, and smiling doctors roam the halls. The pictures are clear, colorful, and tell the story on their own. This is another huge selling point because children can flip through the book and understand its message without needing to know how to read. Lola talks about being brave like a big dog, and mentions her future visits to the doctor with a little bit of excitement. It's no big deal at all!

While I certainly can't guarantee that this book will solve all problems with the hard task of getting a child to the doctor (I still hate it myself!), I am sure it will aide in calming the child's fears a bit. It presents information in a clear manner and encourages children to be big and brave like Lola. I'd definitely recommend it to elementary and public libraries, as well as to parents and/or caregivers who would like some help in presenting the concept of doctor visits in a delicate manner.
-- That Artsy Reader Girl's Inner Child

Lola is a brave 5 lb. Yorkshire Terrier and the book focuses on her feelings about going to the doctor. This is a great book for kids on the Autism Spectrum. The. . . author uses descriptive words to convey feelings along with pictures that show you what happens each step of the doctor's appointment.
--South Jersey Mom

I adored Lola Goes to the Doctor by Marcia Goldman and think it's the perfect book for any youngster who's anxious about visiting the doctor. Lola's story is told with honesty and humor. She admits she's nervous and admits the shot hurts. She's also curious about the other animals in the waiting room and wonders how the snake and the goldfish get their shots.
Both parents and kids will love the adorable photos in this picture book. They do a wonderful job of capturing Lola's emotions and are sure to keep youngsters engaged in her story. I wish Lola Goes to the Doctor had been around when Vance was small!
--Bermuda Onion's Weblog

"This little Yorkshire Terrier is a great role model for children, especially those younger tots going for shots, check ups, sickness or injury. I can see this book being a great gift for the little one who is hesitant about the doctor. Lola will definitely bring a little smile to their faces."
--Novel Nutritious

Adorable Yorkshire Terrier helping kids overcome everyday fears through the magic of reading in "Lola Goes to the Doctor" by Marcia Goldman.
--New Book Journal

This book is a great book for children, grandchild or any child to help them learn what goes on at a pet appointment but they can also use it to identify what happens when they go to the doctor. The ages that are recommended are from 3-8. Its an easy read and is 32 pages.There are lots of photos and it helps with focus words.
--Carma Poodale Book Review

Once children read about how brave Lola is during her visit to the doctor, they too will be brave when it is time for them to go to the doctor. You'll love the way Lola takes kids through a typical doctor's visit, step-by-step, in simple, light-hearted terms young children can understand (with a little bit of humor too). This gets readers acquainted with the process and puts them more at ease. Lola is so darling, and the photographs in the book will melt your heart. What's there not to love about a tiny, sweet dog with a big heart who encourages children to love reading and be brave?