Living Beyond Terrorism: Israeli Stories of Hope and Healing


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About the Author

Zieva Konvisser s diverse career has evolved from pharmaceutical chemist to automotive executive to earning a post- retirement PhD in human development. As a fellow of the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University, her research focuses on the human impact of traumatic events, such as terrorism, genocide, war, and wrongful conviction. She has served on the National Commission on American Jewish Women and the boards of several community, philanthropic, and professional organizations and is currently on the international board of the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma and the advisory board of Strength to Strength. Whether in the laboratory, the parts distribution center, the streets of Jerusalem, or the boardroom, she has always been driven by a commitment to make a positive difference in people s lives and the communities in which they live and work.


This is a book of sustained vision... of the tenacity and resilience of the human spirit...that informs and empowers its readers to find purpose in the darkness and emerge from the worst kind of tragedy with a renewed determination and courage. This is a book of tribute...of celebration...

By using these stories as a guide to the way that we should face adversity, we can all become quantifiably better human beings. is still a book about life. It is a book about living. It is a book about finding the courage and resistance to continue on despite and in spite of the world around us.

-- (06/20/2014)

"So many Israeli lives have been taken by terrorism and so many families shattered. This book tells a different story: the determination and will of Israelis to rebuild and, indeed, to triumph over the terrorists, a victory of the human spirit."--Daniel Kurtzer, Princeton University, Former United States Ambassador to Israel and Egypt

"....this book is the key to unlock the inspiring complexities of the little understood phenomenon of post-traumatic growth. The powerful stories of healing and hope in this volume are a reflection of how remarkable the human spirit is. This book is a must read for anyone facing the darkness of tragedy."--Eli Somer, PhD., clinical professor of psychology, University of Haifa; past president of International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

No one can forget the devastating aftermath of a suicide bomber detonating in a crowded bus or café. But what happens to the survivors of such indiscriminate and horrific attacks? Will the physical and emotional scars overwhelm them, or will they be able to transcend the traumatic experience and lead healthy and fulfilling lives? Many of those who survive are able to grow and thrive, as described in "Living Beyond Terrorism." This book shares compelling stories of hope and healing, as told by ordinary people who suddenly became the innocent victims of indiscriminate terrorist attacks in Israel, primarily between 2000 and 2006. Forty-eight survivors, their relatives and the families of the bereaved discuss their remarkable life journeys - from terrorism to hope and optimism and from grief to meaning and healing; they speak not just of moving on with life as usual, but of moving forward with new vitality, purpose and productivity, contributing to society while turning tragedy into action. They bear witness to their experiences in order to make sense of them as best as they can and to help others. The powerful stories in Living Beyond Terrorism are testimony to their inner strength and determination--a victory of the human spirit--and inspire each of us as we meet the challenges in our lives.

-- (06/06/2014)

"Dr. Zieva Konvisser's magnum opus is a perfect analysis not only of Israel's history, but also of Israel's soul."

"...this remarkable volume is the tale of tragic ter¬ror¬ist attacks and their impact in Israel, told by survivors."

Liv-ing Beyond Ter-ror-ism is the title of Dr. Zieva Dauber Kon-visser's magnum opus, recently published by Gefen Publishers. Subtitled, Israeli Sto-ries of Hope and Heal-ing, this remarkable volumeis the tale of tragic ter-ror-ist attacks and their impact in Israel, told by survivors. Although they rep-re-sent various sectors of Israeli soci-ety, they are introduced as unique individuals, not as sta-tis-tics.

Dr. Konvisser's analysis of each case reflects her sensitivity to human suffering and her multifaceted educational and career background. Originally a pharmaceutical chemist, she eventually became an automotive executive. Retiring from the scientific/technical field, Dr. Konvisser followed her inner drive, delving into the discipline of human development and earning a Ph.D.

At present she is a fellow at the Institute for Social Innovation at Fielding Graduate University, where her work focuses on the impact of traumatic events, such as genocide, war and terrorism on human development. Zieva has always endeavored to use her work to make a beneficial difference in people's lives.LBJ-082914-book

Born in Miami Beach, Florida, Zieva Dauber grew up in Passaic and Clifton, New Jersey. In 1964 she met and married Marc Konvisser, a student, and later professor, of mathematics at Ohio State University. He currently designs software.

The mother of two sons, Aaron, 46 and Joshua, 44, Dr. Konvisser's amazing range of activities include serving on the National Commission of American Jewish Women and on the boards of several community philanthropic and professional organizations.

Having two sons, two daughters-in-law and four grandchildren leaves little time and energy for this amazing woman to also serve on the international board of the Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma. It was her scholarly and highly sensitive career course that led Dr. Konvisser to the research work for Living Beyond Terrorism, in which she examines terror's impact on the victims and their families.

Her conclusion? Traumatic experiences can have a beneficial impact if positively channeled.

What better proof do we need than the recent war with Hamas in Gaza, dubbed "Operation Protective Edge," that transformed the pain and suffering of three families into a sense of unparalleled unity and outpouring of love of the entire nation of Israel?

After all, the nation of Israel has lived beyond terrorism all along, and the tales of war, the tales of our soldiers on the frontlines and their families are indeed, as in Zieva's words, Israeli Stories of Hope and Healing. Dr. Zieva Konvisser's magnum opus is a perfect analysis not only of Israel's history, but also of Israel's soul.

-- (08/29/2014)