Life in Cold Blood


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Princeton University Press
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7.21 X 9.88 X 1.02 inches | 2.34 pounds

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About the Author

Sir David Attenborough is one of the best-loved naturalists of our time. He is the author of Life in the Undergrowth, The Life of Mammals, Life on Air: Memoirs of a Broadcaster, The Life of Birds, and The Private Life of Plants (all Princeton). He has hosted many world-renowned and award-winning natural history documentaries.


"Admirably illustrated, this book completes David Attenborough's great exploration of the world's main animal groups. He shows us the lives of amphibians and reptiles in all the fascinating detail we have come to expect from him. A treasure trove for everyone--from the child seeing flying dragons or man-eating crocodiles for the first time to the professional zoologist realizing that there is still much to learn."--Philip Rainbow, Natural History Museum, London
"Quite delightful to read. There are many popular books on amphibians and reptiles, but most are aimed more at a younger audience or are intended as field guides, while others are primarily picture books with little or very poor text. Life in Cold Blood is a popular, well-illustrated book that introduces some scientific rigor. The scholarship is excellent. The illustrations are outstanding and are both informative and beautiful."--Kurt Schwenk, University of Connecticut
"Careful observation and love of nature are the hallmarks of Sir David's work. Life in Cold Blood covers far more than snakes, being an investigation of all amphibians and reptiles, and it is the latest in a series of projects that have covered almost all life on earth. Sir David is now in his early eighties, and the arduous nature of his work suggests that this may well be the last of the great ventures into nature. In Life in Cold Blood, Sir David has left the best wine for last."---Tim Flannery, New York Review of Books
"Attenborough travels to the ends of the earth to tell the story of these creatures, raising awareness of the threats of environmental destruction along the way."--Scientific American
"Even a person normally immune to the charms of amphibians and reptiles will soon be drawn in by the fascinating color photographs of Life in Cold Blood, the latest book by broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough. The next thing you know, you're shoving the book under your friends' noses, insisting that they have a look."---Flora Taylor, American Scientist
"Life in Cold Blood adds to film naturalist and author Attenborough's rich legacy of fine books and documentaries providing vivid, concise accounts of life-forms. . . . The book offers a nice balance between large conceptual issues that define the world of ectothermic tetrapods and less well-known yet fascinating facts. Basic life history including diet, locomotion, reproductive habits, and geographical distribution are presented, with just the right amount of fossil record content tying it all together. This modest-sized, nicely bound book is generously illustrated with excellent color plates and includes explanations of the origins of numerous names and terms."---J.E. Platz, Choice
"The latest tour de force of naturalist and prolific author, David Attenborough, Life in Cold Blood takes us on a fascinating tour through the often bizarre and alien world of Tikaalik's amphibian and reptile descendants."--Explorers Journal
"Profusely illustrated and written in Sir David Attenborough's inimitable style--his writing is wonderfully effortless--this is the final book of four in a series on vertebrates by the respected 80-year-old naturalist. Experts might find much of the material here familiar, but generalists who are fascinated by the world around us will be captivated. I'll confess a weakness for books where you learn something new every page. With Attenborough you're likely to learn something new every paragraph."---Marc Horton, The Edmonton Journal
"Naturalist Attenborough uses his considerable talent to explain the world of reptiles and amphibians, the descendants of the first vertebrates of prehistoric life. He also warns of the threat of man-made environmental changes that threaten their existence. This volume includes 200 photos, some of them truly amazing."---Angelyn N. Hutchinson, Deseret Morning News
"[T]he accessibility and accuracy of the text, combined with its low price, make this an ideal choice for the amateur naturalist's introduction to the herpetological world."---Aaron M. Bauer, Quarterly Review of Biology
"This is nature writing at its best for the author is a natural born storyteller. . . . As a planning aid, this book offers a list of the best spots for seeing wildlife."---Connie Krochmal, BellaOnline