Lady Liberty: An Illustrated History of America's Most Storied Woman

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About the Author
Antonio Masi (Artist)
Antonio Masi is a world-class and award-winning artist often honored for his depictions of bridges; his magnificent paintings are exclusively featured in the book New York's Golden Age of Bridges. Masi is also president of the American Watercolor Society. His artistry has been featured in Artist's Magazine, PBS-Sunday Arts, NBCToday, Newsday, and many other venues. He also participated in the New York Times's video City Living: A Tale of Two Bridges. A sought-after artistic master and scholar, he travels the world as a teacher, demonstrator, and lecturer.

Joan Marans Dim (Text By)
Joan Marans Dim is a historian, novelist, and essayist. Her published work includes the novel Recollections of a Rotten Kid. She also co-wrote two histories--the saga of New York University, Miracle on Washington Square, and, most recently, New York's Golden Age of Bridges. Her essays and op-eds have appeared in the New York Times, the New York Daily News, Barron's, Investor's Business Daily, The Huffington Post, and many other publications. She also participated in the New York Times's video City Living: A Tale of Two Bridges. Critics, citing the scope and depth of her work, describe her prose as laced with impressive depth, a droll wit, and an elegant narrative.

Lady Liberty is an exhilarating, contemporary take on the story of the Statue of Liberty, that gift from the French which has taken on meanings far beyond the original intent.-- "The Bowery Boys"
Could there be a book more timely, more pertinent for America today than Lady Liberty? I do not think so. The book is a beautiful reminder of what makes us so special, blended with the history that tells us that if America loses our welcoming soul, we have lost what makes us so special.---David Lawrence Jr., retired publisher of the Miami Herald and chair of The Children's Movement of Florida
In this powerful combination of literature and art--the essays of Joan Marans Dim and the paintings of Antonio Masi--we discover the story of the Statue of Liberty: the artistic vision of Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, the engineering genius of Gustave Eiffel, the unforgettable sonnet of Emma Lazarus, the young Jewish poet who welcomed huddled masses to our shores. The strength and originality of this accessible book lie in the interweaving of the statue's inspiration with the often disappointing reality of our history. We are a nation that has struggled with its own ideals, and Dim and Masi have helped us see that struggle anew. This is an important work, as lovely and moving as it is unsettling.---Frye Gaillard, award-winning journalist and the author of more than 25 books, including Hard Rain is Writer-in-Residence at the University of Southern Alabama
The Statue of Liberty is a world famous symbol of American freedom, but for those who made the arduous journey across the Atlantic, she was a signal of arrival, proclaiming the end of a long voyage and the start of a new life. In the book, Lady Liberty, writer Joan Marans Dim tells the origin story of the statue and its significance in the overall story of the immigrant experience in the U.S. Award-winning artist Antonio Masi's expressive artwork lends powerful visuals to the telling with compelling images of the statue itself and the Ellis Island gateway, as well as the faces of individual immigrants and families--faces that express both the optimism and the struggle. The book is both enlightening and affecting.---Anne Hevener is the Editor-in-Chief of Artists Magazine, Watercolor Artist and Pastel Journal. She has been working as a publishing professional for 25+ years.
The gift of the Statue of Liberty preceded the founding of Henry Street Settlement by a mere seven years, and both endure as iconic symbols of welcome, 'inexorably linked to America's immigrant saga, ' in Joan Marans Dim's words. Yet the sobering message of Lady Liberty is that the revered statue in many ways symbolizes what the United States is not. This well-researched volume makes clear that today's immigration debates are a continuation of a tension stretching across the American centuries between warm embrace and harsh rejection of newcomers. That Miss Liberty stands in the harbor as an ideological and visual bulwark against anti-immigrant fervor forces us to face the contradictions of who we are as a nation and gives hope to all those who carry on the struggle to keep our doors and our hearts open.---David Garza, Executive Director, Henry Street Settlement
In an inspiring story about a statue named Lady Liberty we find out how she was conceived in one artist's colossal imagination and given everlasting meaning by another. This epic journey criss-crosses time and the globe to show how two works of art conjoin to underscore the rightful dignity belonging to the words immigrant, refugee and laborer while highlighting our nation's still unfulfilled ideals. I had no idea, until now, about the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) needed to complete America's symbol of hope and freedom.---Dr. Sheril Antonio, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
Writer Joan Marans Dim and artist Antonio Masi let us in on the secrets of the city in their masterful book New York's Golden Age of Bridges, and now apply their deep insights into the artistry, history and culture of the Statue of Liberty. Now, at a time when immigration is hotly debated, Lady Liberty helps both residents of New York and enthusiastic visitors like me appreciate the history, culture and artistry behind this monument that for generations has welcomed immigrants to America.---Richard A. Oppel Sr., editor-in-chief emeritus, Texas Monthly, and chair of the Pulitzer Prize Board, 2008-2009
This wonderfully collaborative effort delights and informs on so many levels. Joan Marans Dim's narrative is a fascinating tale about the creation of the most American of icons and a vivid portrait of the characters driven to make it happen all solidly placed in the historical context of the times. Antonio Masi puts his considerable talent to good use in visual depictions of Lady Liberty that are satisfying, strong and evocative. Together, Dim and Masi have created an enormously entertaining book that gives the reader fresh insights into the Statue of Liberty and, even more deeply, into the American people's love/hate relationship with the notion of immigration.---Mark Ethridge, prize-winning journalist and author
Only Joan Marans Dim could take a subject as seemingly prosaic as a statue and turn it into a story of hope, hustle, history and heartbreak. As a former director of the American Jewish Congress, I was privileged to hear firsthand many stories of those Jewish immigrants who had the courage to make the perilous journey across the Atlantic to escape the humiliations of pogroms and persecutions. One can only imagine their joy when they first saw Lady Liberty--a statue that embodied their only hope of a free and decent life. Those stories--coupled with the evocative paintings of Antonio Masi--remind us of the goodness of America and the vital role that all those immigrants played in making America truly great. Now, a time when immigrants are being attacked, Lady Liberty is a must-read.---Naomi Levine, former Senior Vice President, New York University and former Executive Director, American Jewish Congress
This is a masterful treatment of the Statue of Liberty, its origins, construction and symbolism, as a framework for telling the dramatic stories of those who created it. The tale is set in context of its significance to the immigrant experience and the country's immigration policies. Joan Marans Dim, the writer, and Antonio Masi, the watercolorist, are a brilliant match to tell and depict such a vibrant and dramatic story. This book is unique.---Dr. Diane Fairbank, previously Director of Writing And Research, University Relations and Public Affairs at New York University
The Statue of Liberty captures so much of the American story in one iconic sculpture. And you cannot understand the miracle that is America without understanding Lady Liberty. How and why did America become America? What is our secret? This new book by author Joan Marans Dim and artist Antonio Masi reveals everything.---Walker Lundy, now retired, served as editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Saint Paul Pioneer Press
Author Joan Marans Dim tells the story of Lady Liberty from conception to construction and creatively weaves the history of immigration into her engaging narrative. Watercolor artist Antonio Masi's wonderful renderings bring the story of Lady Liberty to life. Antonio's personal story of his family's immigration to America resonates in his images. Together Dim and Masi have given homage to Lady Liberty and reminded us of the symbol for which she stands.---Trudy S. Hays, Executive Director, Scottsdale Artists' School
In this entertaining history of Lady Liberty, author Joan Marans Dim provides a sensitive and insightful tale, which also includes the passage of millions of aspiring immigrants who--in many cases--were escaping persecution and wishing for a better life as they sailed past the statue's lamp of hope. The prose are wonderfully complemented by the soul-searching images of artist Antonio Masi. A must-read for everyone!---David Copeland, actor and director
Joan Marans Dim is an extraordinary storyteller that brings to life a tactile and visceral account of the grueling journeys and sacrifices people made to reach the land that stands for liberty. Antonio Masi is no stranger to the long journey to America that he too made from his native Italy with his large family. Masi's master watercolor paintings must have come from etchings in his mind, stories Grandpa Masi told him and his own experience. Antonio Masi's atmospheric paintings parallel the stories Dim is telling, depicting the place and emotions of that time. His vibrant painting on the cover of "Lady Liberty" is aglow in brilliant reds, oranges, gold, blues and green, celebrating her arrival to America. Dim didn't miss a chance to compare the immigration of yesterday to what's occurring today. She said, " America continues to be the preferred destination of refugees and immigrants worldwide." Of course, it is the land of freedom and liberty.---Charlee M. Miller, Executive Director, Art League of Long Island. Retired Vice President, Financial Service Professional, JP Morgan Chase
In a series of brief, richly illustrated essays, Joan Marans Dim recounts the epic struggle to build the Statue of Liberty and transport it from France to the U.S. during the 19th century. She also provides a brief history of the immigrant experience, noting how an 1883 sonnet by Emma Lazarus ("Give me your tired, your poor, / your huddled masses yearning to breathe free") helped transform the statue into a symbol of American freedom and economic prosperity--and how those ideals have often been at odds with U.S. immigration policy over the years.-- "Fordham Magazine"