Corporate Bullsh*t: Exposing the Lies and Half-Truths That Protect Profit, Power, and Wealth in America

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About the Author
Nick Hanauer is an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist, the founder of the public policy incubator Civic Ventures, and the host of the podcast Pitchfork Economics. The co-author (with Joan Walsh and Donald Cohen) of Corporate Bullsh*t (The New Press), he lives in Seattle.

Joan Walsh is national affairs correspondent for The Nation, the co-producer of the Emmy-nominated documentary The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show, and the author of What's the Matter with White People? The co-author (with Nick Hanauer and Donald Cohen) of Corporate Bullsh*t (The New Press), she lives in New York.

Donald Cohen is the founder and executive director of the research and policy center In the Public Interest and the co-author (with Allen Mikaelian) of The Privatization of Everything and (with Nick Hanauer and Joan Walsh) of Corporate Bullsh*t (both from The New Press). He lives in Los Angeles.
Praise for Corporate Bullsh*t:

"Corporate Bullsh*t by Nick Hanauer, Joan Walsh, and Donald Cohen performs a useful public service by amassing a wealth of quotations from across 150 years of American social policy to show how a certain set of talking points recurs over and over in the effort to stymie progressive social change."
--Current Affairs

"A welcome user's guide to maneuvering the thicket of lies that constitutes so much discourse today."
--Kirkus Reviews

"If you ever feel like you're fighting the same bogus corporate arguments over and over, read this useful book. It will help you respond to every standard BS claim and teach everyone the truth."
--Robert B. Reich, former U.S. Secretary of Labor and author of Saving Capitalism

"As an elected official, I hear these lies from corporate special interests all the time: Raising taxes on the rich will kill jobs, raising the minimum wage will hurt the very people it's intended to help, and regulation will destroy business. None of them are true, but they're carefully crafted to trick working people into prioritizing corporate interests over their own. Corporate Bullsh*t pulls back the curtain on their game plan and makes a compelling argument for reforms to grow America from the bottom up and the middle out."
--Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal

"Whether it's 1923 or 2023, the same trickle-down nonsense used in every boardroom in America hasn't changed. This book pulls back the curtain on the whole racket in a way that leaves you unsure whether to laugh or cry, but sure of one thing: It's not true. It's never been true."
--Ben Cohen, co-founder, Ben & Jerry's

"Corporate Bullsh*t fights the way the power elite has co-opted the so-called 'American way, ' when so many of its priorities--unchecked corporate power, the suppression of equal rights for women and people of color, and the defunding of American institutions from labor protections to education equality--are really un-American. Read it, and fight."
--Svante Myrick, president of People for the American Way

"It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad: Corporate Bullsh*t traces how the wealthy and powerful have used the same tired excuses for centuries, to defend outrages from slavery to coal-mining deaths to unequal pay for women, through the current deadly threat of fossil-fueled climate disaster. The examples will make you laugh, and make you angry--and then make you act!"
--Lizz Winstead, co-creator of The Daily Show

"This book is not only a crucial tool to combat more than a century of corporate disinformation--it's a rollicking good read that will have you laughing out loud as you learn how to rout it and win. Get a copy into the hands of everyone you know, so we don't get fooled again. Even your cranky uncle could change his mind."
--Nancy MacLean, author of Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America

"Most decent people intuitively know when they're being lied to by corporate America. We get that their narratives are propaganda deployed to line their own pockets. But we don't always understand how. Corporate Bullsh*t exposes the nuggets of lies at the core of their stories. It pulls back the asterisk to reveal the word we knew was there all along."
--Elie Mystal, author of Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy's Guide to the Constitution

"Stories are powerful; they shape our thinking, limit or inspire our imagination, and speed up or slow down our response to challenges. In Corporate Bullsh*t Hanauer, Walsh, and Cohen expose six of the most powerful--and bogus--stories corporations have relied on to keep us from challenging their abuses. The first step in real progress is exposing and dismantling these stories and Corporate Bullsh*t does exactly that."
--Ann Leonard, creator of The Story of Stuff and former director of Greenpeace USA