I Am a Woman: Taking Back Our Name

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Regnery Faith
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About the Author
Jennifer Strickland is the founder of U R More and the host of the I Am a Woman podcast. She is a sought-after speaker, a former model, and the author of several books, including Girl Perfect, More Beautiful Than You Know, Beautiful Lies, and 21 Myths (Even Good) Girls Believe about Sex. Strickland holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and a master's degree in writing and literature. She lives with her husband and three children in Texas.
Praise for I Am a Woman:

"In a world where it's controversial to state both biblical and objective truth, I Am a Woman is a beacon of direction for the return of common sense and morality. You can expect to be challenged in every sense of the word in the process of equipping you with the effective tools to be a better sister, daughter, mother, Christian, and woman."
--Riley Gaines, twelve-time NCAA all-American swimmer, five-time SEC champion, and ambassador for the Independent Women's Forum

"If the world says a man can be a woman, then according to the world, there's nothing distinct or special about being a woman. If a man can identify as a mother, then in the eyes of the world, there is no unique purpose of motherhood beyond the act of birthing. The world may be going along with the erasure of womanhood and motherhood, but we as warrior women know we are not a 'social construct.' I Am a Woman reminds us of who we are in God's eyes. Women don't exist to validate the feelings of man or the world. We exist to fulfill the mighty promise and purpose God gave us as daughters of the one and only King. I Am a Woman is an equipping to counteract the unprecedented attacks on women today. Jennifer beautifully illustrates the true essence of our womanhood, helping us embrace a deeper understanding of the biblical foundation to our femininity. This is the ultimate female empowerment."
--Landon Starbuck, founder of Freedom Forever

"Bravo . . . I Am a Woman is a must-read for anyone grappling with the question 'What is a Woman?'. I Am a Woman boldly stands up to answer this question with clarity, conviction, love, and biblical truth. This insightful book does more than just define what a woman is; it unlocks the ancient meaning of gender and sex in the context of biblical wisdom, challenging readers to rethink modern constructs on gender and identity."
--Misty Phillip, founder of Spark Media and host of It Is Time to Stand Up

"This book is a refreshing voice of truth in a cultural wilderness of deceit and confusion. If only the message that Jennifer has so brilliantly and fearlessly written in these pages could be infused into every heart and mind, the world would experience a jolt of common sense and clarity for a return to sanity!"
--Grant and Robin Luton, founders of Torah Today Ministries

"It's time to speak the truth, and Jennifer Strickland does just that. With grace, humility, honor, and common sense, she reminds us that God created woman on purpose and for a special purpose. No matter how culture tries to distort this, we have a sacred calling and a beautiful opportunity to lovingly advocate for femininity in the wake of gender confusion."
--Heather Creekmore, podcast host and bestselling author of four books, including The 40-Day Body Image Workbook and Aging Gratefully

"Jennifer Strickland bravely, yet lovingly, reminds the older generation and teaches the younger generation the true meaning and definition of a woman. And she does so right in the middle of today's cancel culture when so many are terrified to speak up for Truth and common sense. I Am a Woman takes a biblical, historical, and anatomical view of woman, returning the reader to the origin of our name that gives us worth, all while Strickland returns us to a healthy understanding of gendered bodies, roles, and relationships that inspire rather than confuse people. This is a must-read!"
--Dr. Victorya Rogers, life coach and author of Finding a Man Worth Keeping

"Women are life-givers. We are the guardians of the home, messengers of God's Word, and the answer to the world's cries for help. Women are change-agents in a culture that has forgotten who we are. In I Am a Woman, Jennifer not only empowers women, but honors the men at our side. This book will help you use your voice to shift the conversation about gender back to God's original design. It completely upends the cultural lies about womanhood and points us back to Genesis, where male and female are created to walk in unity to bring life to the world. Jennifer, I genuinely thank you for writing this book. The world needs it. It's a book in due season. It's a book for now."
--Trina Titus Lozano, co-author of Home Experience

"Finally, we hear a Christian woman answer the 'What is a Woman?' question with thunderous truth. Unapologetic, grace-laced, and deeply profound, this book is a tool in the hands of mothers, daughters, and leaders to define womanhood correctly. What others are afraid to say, Jennifer articulates with love that cannot be denied. She is a voice in the wilderness, breaking through the confusion. As she mines the word 'woman' for gold, you will find a richness to our name that cannot be erased, because it comes from God's first words about 'male and female' that awaken the best in us all."
--Tracey Mitchell, international speaker and award-winning author

"In a world where we are forced to believe a man is a woman, this book offers a powerful rebuke of the modern-day gender ideology movement and how women are being forced to play along with the narrative. Through faith, biblical verses, and exploring the inner workings of God's creation of women, I Am a Woman delivers a powerful and uplifting message to women across the world. Women everywhere can use this book to raise their voices and be heard and reclaim the word 'woman' for themselves."
--Oli London, author of Gender Madness

"I am a part of a movement called the Whosoevers, and we travel to speak to youth all across the world. Jennifer's new book I Am a Woman is truly an answer to the lies that I see permeating the minds of our youth all around the world when it comes to gender. The world is undergoing an attack on the image of God and who the Lord designed us to be as women and men. This book addresses the truths found in God's Word to help bring clarity to the spirit of confusion that has lied to this generation about their sexual identity. It helps restore what the enemy has tried to steal, which is our femininity as women and masculinity for men. Please take the time to read this book and share it with the youth and women in your world. This truth is for today and this message is for this time."
--Christina Boudreau, global ambassador for the Whosoevers

"Jennifer's writing is so eloquent and passionate. Her book reminds us of how beautiful it is to be a woman. I appreciate that reminder, and I'll never let gender ideology sway me from the truth. This is the book young women need to be reminded of how beautiful their womanhood is and to never take it for granted."
--Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, LCSW

"Our words matter, and I Am a Woman dives deep into the language of womanhood to find hidden, surprising gems. You may not agree with everything Jennifer writes, but if you come with an open mind, you'll undoubtedly find jewels that spark wonder in the purpose and beauty of being a woman."
--Jessie Minassian, author, speaker, and founder of LifeLoveandGod.com

"Many years ago, my wife, Devi Titus, was literally rescued by Jennifer Strickland. Devi had slipped out of a closing conference session to use the women's restroom before returning home. When she reached up to open the stall door handle, she discovered it had jammed, and she couldn't get out. She began yelling, 'Help, I'm stuck!' Fortunately, Jennifer, who was the last woman in the building, ran out of the elevator to use the restroom, and rescued her. What an inauspicious way to meet one of her dearest friends and future disciple.

"Devi returned home to tell me of this incredible woman she had met, Jennifer, a former professional model and now a profound, powerfully anointed author, speaker, and voice for godly women. That began years of a fruitful relationship. Whenever Jennifer called, all else was dropped so she could sow into this anointed woman of God and future world-changer.

"Devi went home to be with Jesus on December 28, 2022. I could only wish she would have lived long enough to read this book and to see the impact Jennifer is making in the lives of countless women, children and families.

"I read the manuscript for I Am Woman by Jennifer Strickland at thirty-nine thousand feet on a mission trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have never been more impacted by one book. My mind is racing. Thoughts are going in all directions. How can we get this information out? I need to be memorizing these statistics. I never knew that. I need to be taking notes. My mind is exploding with new revelation. I'm crying. I'm rejoicing at the potential this new information provides. How can I get this book into the hands of every man I mentor and every leader I influence?

"If I were you, I would set aside every other book you're now reading and dive into the life-changing truths revealed in I Am Woman. Make this book a priority. You will never be the same. Your world will be challenged and changed. You will have tools with which to destroy the lies of the enemy. You will rescue the lost and dying youth. The timeliness of this book cannot be overestimated."
--Larry Titus, founder and president emeritus of Kingdom Global Ministries in Dallas, Texas

"The Bible warns, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge' (Hosea 4:6). In a time when people are espousing "my truth," believers and followers of Jesus Christ need to stand firm on The Truth, that which God has given in His holy Word. That includes the biblical definition of man and woman, male and female, as originally created by God in His image. In I am a Woman, Jennifer Strickland exposes the lies perpetuated by culture to remind readers of God's original design and encourages women to reclaim and live in the cherished identity given by their Creator."
--Dr. Michelle Bengtson, board-certified clinical neuropsychologist; author of many award-winning books, including Breaking Anxiety's Grip and The Hem of His Garment; and the host of the award-winning podcast Your Hope Filled Perspective with Dr. Michelle Bengtson