Hook's Revenge, Book 1 Hook's Revenge (Hook's Revenge, Book 1)

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Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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5.76 X 8.64 X 1.01 inches | 1.03 pounds

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About the Author

Heidi Schulz is a New York Times Bestselling author and self-proclaimed giraffe suspicioner who lies to children for fun and profit. She is best known for her award winning and bestselling novel for middle grade readers, Hook's Revenge, published by Little Brown Books, and her picture book Giraffes Ruin Everything, published by Bloomsbury Kids. When she is not writing, Heidi can be found living with her family in their Salem, Oregon home, attempting to corral her two unwieldy dogs, sewing herself yet another fit-and-flare dress, or working through her bottomless stack of nightstand books.
John Hendrix loves to draw. In fact, he's drawing right now in St. Louis, Missouri. He lives there with his wife and two children, and teaches at Washington University. His drawings have been featured in numerous publications, and he is the illustrator of many acclaimed children's books. Visit John online at johnhendrix.com and follow him on Twitter at @hendrixart.


Jocelyn Hook is the only daughter of the pirate known as Captain Jas. Hook, who was, unbeknownst to her, recently consumed by the Neverland crocodile. She's an unruly child, proud of the father she knows only by reputation and strongly desir- ous of living up to his legacy. Her grandfather's attempts to rein her in fail, and the finishing school he sends her to is rapidly becoming unbearable, when destiny arrives in the form of a letter informing her that her father is dead and that she is his only hope for revenge against the beast who claimed his life. Jocelyn feels more than up to the challenge, but, like Wendy and her brothers before her, she discovers that Neverland is not what she imagined, and she realizes that she might not be able to live up to her father's fearsome reputation. Peter Pan makes only a cameo appearance here, but the other denizens of Neverland are put to grand comic use as Jocelyn swashbuckles her way through multiple adventures on her way to claim her place as the captain of her father's ship. The real charm here is in the unnamed narrator, whose arch and clever diction and open disdain for children make him the perfect purveyor of Jocelyn's story; both narrator and protagonist are prideful and cruel, such that he relishes her successes at villainy as much as her near-misses. Readers will delight both the story and the storytelling. KC BCCB"
Twelve-year-old Jocelyn longs to meet and sail the seas with her father-the notorious pirate, Captain Hook. Unfortunately, her guardian grandfather has other plans for the feisty girl, including snooty finishing school, where she is plagued by mean girls and etiquette lessons; but she also befriends Roger, kitchen helper and fellow aspiring adventurer. Then Roger suddenly leaves, and a letter arrives insisting she avenge her father by slaying the crocodile that killed him. So Jocelyn travels to Neverland and recruits an enthusiastic, if not-so-fearsome, pirate crew. The quest isn't easy. Novice captain Jocelyn confronts cannibals, fairies, and lost boys-and must overcome fears and self-doubt, employing all she has learned to fulfill her father's request. Featuring a lively, colorful cast, and a droll narration with snarky asides by an anonymous, self-proclaimed pirate authority, this entertaining take on the Peter Pan story neatly blends action-adventure and comical and heartfelt moments. Jocelyn is a vibrant, compelling protagonist whose eventful journey also brings discoveries about herself and her family-and hints of further adventures. Glossary appended; final illustrations not seen. Shelle Rosenfeld Booklist"
Gr 4-7 Feisty 12-year-old Jocelyn Hook, the estranged daughter of Captain James Hook, longs for a pirate's life at sea, but instead she's faced with finishing school, hairbrushes, and corsets. When a letter from her father arrives, foretelling his demise by the crocodile responsible for the loss of his hand, Jocelyn is eager to set out for the Neverland to avenge her father's death. Once there, she faces pirates, mermaids, cannibals, fairies, the Lost Boys, Peter Pan, and, ultimately, the dreaded crocodile. Through it all, Jocelyn learns to face her fears, believe in herself, and realize that she's more than just a girl. Schulz's debut novel is a rollicking page-turner that's more than just an action-packed adventure. Filled with humor and pathos, Schulz has crafted a warm and humorous tale of a young girl who yearns to know the parents she's never met. Jocelyn is smart, quick-witted, and stubbornly loyal, and she proves to be a worthy adversary to all her foes, especially the arrogant Peter Pan, who insists she needs rescuing. Richly developed secondary characters, especially the emotional Mr. Smee and Jocelyn's dearest friend Roger, populate the story, and the evocative language moves beyond simple description and engages the audience's imagination. Most notable, however, is the wickedly funny narrator who doesn't hesitate to add his amusing commentary and pointed dislike for the audience to the narrative. Whether a fan of J.M. Barrie's classic tale or new to Neverland, readers will be clamoring for more from this enchanting world. Audrey Sumser, Cuyahoga County Public Library, Mayfield, OH SLJ"
The daughter of a famous pirate hopes to sail the high seas, but first she must survive finishing school. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn Hook prefers sword fighting, bawdy sea shanties and spitting over embroidery, hygiene and ladylike decorum. But then, as the daughter of one of the most feared pirates ever, Capt. Hook, her proclivity for dangerous, raucous behavior is to be expected. Quick thinking and her new friend, Roger, make finishing school bearable. But when Roger disappears and the headmistress reveals her big plan for sealing Jocelyn's position in high society, everything falls apart. Jocelyn's life takes an unexpected turn when Edgar Allan, a giant messenger raven, arrives bearing a letter from her father. She must travel to Neverland, acquire a ship and crew, and avenge her father's death by killing the crocodile. The world of Peter Pan, Mr. Smee and the lost boys is turned on its head with Jocelyn's arrival. Unfortunately, this potentially exciting treatment of the familiar tale is forced and uneven. While Jocelyn is spunky, flawed and endearing, the supporting characters are flat and uninteresting. However, there are bright spots. Jocelyn uses her wit and manners to defeat bloodthirsty cannibals, angry fairies and her own fears. An incompletely satisfying return to Neverland. (Fantasy. 8-12) Kirkus"
For most of her life, Jocelyn had been told what to do, how to look, and what person she should become. Yet, she always yearned for adventure, exploration, and freedom. She was a pirate's daughter after all; her father was the fearsome Captain James Hook! Jocelyn's grandfather sent her away to boarding school with intentions of making her more lady-like. As she often got into trouble, she frequently held hopes of her father's return to rescue her. Sadly, Captain Hook met his fate with the Crocodile and bestowed upon her a mission to avenge his death. Jocelyn finds true adventure, friendship, and the courage from within to realize that anything is possible. Readers and fellow adventurers, pirate lovers, and anyone young at heart will enjoy the journey back to Neverland with Captain Hook's one and only descendant. Cristina Elopre Vera, Library Science Graduate Student, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia Recommended Library Media Connection"