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About the Author

Kathleen Kaufman is the author of The Lairdbalor and Hag, as well as other horror novels. A University of Southern California alum, she teaches high-school English and undergraduate writing and composition. She is also an avid amateur photographer and has had work featured in publications such as The Huffington Post. A native Coloradan, she is a long-time resident of Los Angeles.


"I was intrigued with Hag by Kathleen Kaufman from the first sentences. Who was the Cailleach? What was her curse? Then, the book shifted into an ordinary child's viewpoint, though we learn later that Alice and her ancestors are a "confusing mixture of magical and ordinary." The answers to those questions come in enchanting puzzle pieces that kept me reading! The aspects of time, brought out through the lovely metaphor of the ink penetrating layers of cloth, as "reality happening alongside hers, and in the same breath was long past and nothing but a memory. The two worlds spun alongside each other, neither more nor less real than the other...." still has me thinking about concepts of time! I would recommend this book especially to readers intrigued with mythology and how time might work." --Geraldine Ann Marshall, author

"Kaufman's Hag shifts the paradigm of masculine historical into feminist horror. The Cailleach, a powerful and ancient sea hag, sends her descendants into the world of man, where they endure war and heartbreak, insult and malice. This magical matriarchy, distinguished by the eldritch mark they bear, teach and heal and protect others as women have quietly done for untold ages. Discover centuries of Scottish history, revisit decades of the modern era, and reclaim a feminine form of storytelling passed down from mother to daughter unseen since the chronicles of the Brothers Grimm." -- Karen Bovenmyer, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Scholarship Awardee, Horror Writers Association

"Gorgeously written, Hag intricately weaves a story from past to present. Readers longing to be swept away into another world will devour this book." --Megan Hart, NYT Bestselling Author of All the Lies We Tell

"Kathleen Kaufman's rich characterization deftly makes all the magic, joy, and pain of Hag heartbreakingly real for the reader. Part incisive ethnography, part descent into the horrors of the past, this book has the binge-read-inducing feel of an honest and juicy memoir. Hag not only distinguishes itself from the crowd in contemporary dark and fantasy literature, but raises the bar. " --John Edward Lawson, author of Bibliophobia

"Hag by Kathleen Kaufman is an epic and chilling tale of Cailleach and her daughters set loose in world and destined to manifest their mother's magic in whatever era they land. Kaufman weaves a fascinating tale of feminine power. These are the stories women have been telling down through the ages. Finally, we can read them!" --Kate Jonez, Bram Stoker Award Winning Editor at Omnium Gatherum

"The women [in Hag] are timeless, and much wiser than the people, regardless of the era their story takes place...Kaufman paints old world witchery that comes off as much more genuine. Perfect if you enjoy folklore and witches." - Lolly K Dandeneau, Bookstalkerblog

"A mix of magical realism and historical fiction, this story swept me away. Kaufman's writing flows effortlessly, carrying the reader along on this magical journey. I read the book in one sitting...Recommended--a lovely read!" -- Historical Novel Society

"Witches are a major part of horror folklore, and when a writer comes along and gives them a serious treatment beyond the usual stereotypical trappings, it's time to take notice. Hag appears to have the occult running deep in its veins." - Bob Pastorella, This is Horror

"...a superb novel of heritage and struggle that just happens to be a brilliant witch story... Kaufman's prose is elegant and light allowing her story to come to the fore with ease leaving readers feeling light but yet resonant with the pages' meaning. A masterly blend of mythology and modernity, Hag is a supremely satisfying novel." --Daniel Casey, Misanthropester.com