Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup: The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting Your Sh*t Together

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About the Author

Zara Barrie is the former Senior Sex & Dating writer for Elite Daily, the current senior writer at GO Magazine and founder of The Dirty Beauty, a wellness blog for bad girls. She identifies as a mascara lesbian and lives beyond her means in New York.


"Zara has the rare talent of marching into the deepest, darkest moments of life--the mascara-teared and alcohol-soaked--scooping them up, and thrusting them into the light with amazing clarity, forgiveness, and compassion. As her editor at Elite Daily, I had the honor of watching Zara blossom into the emotionally raw and poetic writer she is now. Her gripping first-person narratives help every woman (including me) come to terms with her own demons or insecurities in a refreshingly comfortable way. There's a reason she's built up an army of 'babes' who are empowered by the words of their dear big sister, Z: Her candid honesty and no bullshit advice are simply addicting." --Faye Brennan, Sex & Relationships Director, Cosmopolitan
"Self-help meets memoir. Party girl meets wise sage. Beauty meets reality. Zara Barrie is the cool older sister you wish you had. The one that lets you borrow her designer dresses and ripped up fishnets, buys you champagne (she loves you too much to let you drink beer), and colors your lips with bright pink lipstick. She'll take you to the coolest parties, and will stick by your side and she guides you through the glitter, pain, danger, laughter, and what it means to be a f*cked up girl in this f*cked up world (both of which are beautiful despite the darkness). Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup is for the girls that are too much of a beautiful contradiction to be contained. Zara is a gifted writer--one second she'll have you laughing over rich girls agonizing over which Birkin bag to buy, the next second she'll shatter your heart in one sentence about losing one's innocence. Zara is the nuanced girl she writes for--light, irreverent, snarky, bitchy, funny; and aching, perceptive, deep, flawed, wise, poised, honest--all at once. Perhaps the only thing that can match Zara's unparalleled wit and big sister advice is her candid humor and undeniable talent for the written word. Zara is one of the most prolific and entertaining honest voices on the internet--and her talent is only multiplied in book form. Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup is for the bad girls, honey." --Danya Troisi, Executive Editor, GO Magazine
"Reading Zara's writing will make you feel like you're at your cool-as-hell big sister's sleepover party. You will be transfixed by her unflinching honesty and words of wisdom, and she'll successfully convince you to not only ditch the shame you feel about the raw and messy parts of yourself, but to dare to see them as beautiful."--Alexia LaFata, Editor, New York Magazine
"If Cat Marnell and F. Scott Fitzgerald had a literary baby it would be Zara Barrie. She's got Marnell's casual, dark, downright hilarious tone of an irreverent party girl. But then she also has Fitzgerald's talent for making words literally feel like they sparkle on the page. You instantly feel more glamorous after reading a page of Zara's writing, even when the page is talking about getting into a screaming match with her girlfriend outside of a bar on a Sarasota street corner while high on benzos. I've always been a fan of Zara's writing, but Girl, Stop Passing Out in Your Makeup takes it to the next level. With shimmery words that make her dark stories sparkle, she seamlessly manages to inspire even the most coked-out girl at the party to get her shit together."--Candice Jalili, Senior Sex & Dating Writer, Elite Daily
"Love this book! Zara Barrie has a wicked skill for spinning vulnerable, piercingly honest tales of sex, drugs, and transgression while poignantly leading her reader and herself towards hope and enlightenment. A book about GIRL Power in the age of anxiety that will resonate with today's women looking for something much more than just happy ever after--at least in the traditional sense. Read it to understand what dangerous girls with glittering eyes are thinking and feeling as they learn to conquer their demons and triumph."--KT Curran, Writer/Director of the internationally acclaimed, award-winning SOURCE PRODUCTIONS
"Reading Zara is like reading your own thoughts--only sexier and much more brilliantly written."--Kaitlyn Cawley, former Editor-At-Large, Bustle Media Group and former Editor-in-Chief, Elite Daily