Future Feeling


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About the Author

Joss Lake is a trans writer and educator based in New York whose work has been supported by Queens Council of the Arts, Women and Performance Studies Collective, the Watermill Center, and Columbia University. He runs a literary sauna series called Trans at Rest. This is his debut novel.


A Harper's Bazaar Best LGBT Book of the Year
An O, The Oprah Magazine LGBTQ Book That Will Change the Literary Landscape Next Year
One of The Millions' Most Anticipated Books of the Year
An LGBTQ Reads Most Anticipated Book of the Year

Set in a klieg-lit technicolor near-future, Lake's antic debut novel tells the story of two trans men who have to rescue a third from an emotional purgatory called the Shadowlands, where he was banished after a hex went astray. --The New York Times Book Review, New & Noteworthy

If you're looking for a book that ties together millennial hustle-culture ennui, magic, trans identity, and influencer culture (plus about a dozen other themes), look no further than Joss Lake's debut, which is sure to stay on your mind long after you've finished the final page. --Emma Specter, Vogue

This fantastic debut centers trans characters and friendships in ways that will have you laughing, reflecting and relating. Set in the near-future, Lake imagines a queer hero's journey that is vivid, imaginative and immersive. --Karla Strand, Ms. Magazine

This is a taste of what it means for a novel to give zero fucks. --Hillary Kelly, Vulture

There's a lot going on in this zippy debut novel, where author Joss Lake conjures a near-future America stuffed with trippy technological advancements, queer magic, and regular old human dysfunction . . . Reading Future Feeling feels like watching a marathon of the Melissa Joan Hart version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch while on a pharmaceutical dose of psilocybin. To be clear: I mean that as a compliment. It's an original, trippy caper. --Kate Knibbs, Wired

Why can't real life be as vivid and glistering and riotous as it is in Lake's novel, in which Bushwick dog-walker Pen Henderson goes on an epic journey to save Blithe, a young trans man that Pen and his friends accidentally hexed via an Instagram post of an aloe plant? The answer to these questions, of course, is that maybe real life can be as magical as the one Lake describes--as long as we work toward dismantling our preconceptions of who we're supposed to be, rather than who we actually are. If it's Joss Lake's world, we'd all be better for living in it--it'd certainly be more colorful, and we'd all have really incredible names. --Kristin Iversen, Refinery29

Future Feeling's title announces the formidable force that emotions hold in this futuristic world . . . Like 94 percent of real life, it's high stakes and big feelings about minor-seeming stuff. --Maggie Lange, The Cut

From a character who transitioned in isolation to one who posts daily updates on the beauty of his transness, Future Feeling allows the full range of trans experience to shine . . . Future Feeling portrays many of the in-between moments of transitioning that are uniquely euphoric, frustrating and desperate . . . I found the writing style enthralling, captivating, at times even overwhelming in its clarity. Lake's prose reminded me of Augusten Burroughs and David Kingston Yeh, who also both write about queer men living chaotic and wildly vivid lives. --Andrea Marks-Joseph, Real Change News

Part sci-fi, part fantasy, part trans Brooklynite millennial saga, Future Feeling revels in its own chaos . . . This book is fun: hexes, moonlit rituals, a pet plant named Alice the Aloe, and well-placed critiques of gender, capitalism, and the alienating nature of advanced technology all abound. I'm still not sure how to classify Future Feeling--but defying neat categorization is kind of the point. --Mira Braneck, The Paris Review

Future Feeling is a rambunctious novel full of hilarious, sly language games--but also advanced technology close enough to our own to feel relatable, dream-like flights of fanciful imagination, and an overarching concern with how trans and queer folks might form communities with one another . . . Reading it feels like falling through a bunch of fever-dreams strung across the landscapes of New York and LA, shared among famous and non-famous queers. At moments cruel, at others funny, it's a worthwhile read that strikes at something of the now. --Lee Mandelo, Tor

A trans man armed with the power of self-reflection embarks on a hero's journey . . . akin to a queer millennial version of The Alchemist, complete with proverbs and personal growth . . . This is a modern allegory with a unique voice--searching, questioning, vulnerable, witty. --Kirkus Reviews

Set in the near future, Lake's quirky, chaotic debut follows trans man Penfield Henderson as he wrestles with his self-destructive impulses and stumbles his way toward finding a queer community . . . This coming-of-age journey through the surreality of gender will please readers seeking speculative queer fiction. --Publishers Weekly

I devoured this funny, charming book of trans friendships and sly cultural commentary; a story about what truly matters for those of us lost in the maelstrom of identity and media. Here's how unable I was to put it down: I accidentally dropped it in the toilet, fished it out, and kept right on reading. --Torrey Peters, author of Detransition, Baby