Extra Focus: The Quick Start Guide to Adult ADHD

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About the Author

Jesse J. Anderson currently lives in Puyallup, WA with his wife and three children. He wears multiple hats as a writer, speaker, coach, ADHD advocate, and maker of things. Diagnosed at 36, Jesse writes about his insights and experiences living with ADHD in the weekly newsletter, Extra Focus (extrafocus.com), helping countless readers navigate their own ADHD journeys or better understand their loved ones. He is known for his humorous, relatable, and insightful posts about ADHD under the handle @adhdjesse, and has been featured in publications including Today and Huff Post.


#1 Amazon bestseller

"I tore through this in one evening and didn't even mean to. Concise, easy to read, and packed with clever strategies, Jesse's quick start guide is a fantastic place to start for anyone looking to better understand their-or a loved one's-ADHD."

- Jessica McCabe, author of How to ADHD: An Insider's Guide to Working with Your Brain (Not Against It)

"I've read tons of ADHD books-or, more accurately, I've started tons of them-but Jesse's is legit the first one I've actually finished (and I did it in one sitting). Extra Focus is an entertaining and incredibly easy read, with no unnecessary repetition for the sake of extra pages. Just concise information and practical tips, sprinkled with tons of relatable 'ohhhh, it's not just me!' moments. I really wish this guide existed when I first got diagnosed. If you're dealing with ADHD-or even just trying to understand it better-I highly recommend you check out Extra Focus. Trust me (and thank Jesse later)."

- Dani Donovan, ADHD creator and author of The Anti-Planner: How to Get Sh*t Done When You Don't Feel Like It

"Critical insights on ADHD and actionable strategies to deal with it. Wonderfully describes and simplifies the concept."

- Derek Sivers, author, founder, sive.rs

"I've been waiting for Jesse Anderson to get all his ideas down in a book. His newsletter and tweets have improved my life so much. He gets the ADHD brain better than anyone I've seen and offers usable, smart tools and the context to make me interested in them. I'm so glad he has put all of that in one place, because I have ADHD and am not good at looking in lots of different places."

- Adam Davidson, cofounder of NPR's Planet Money podcast and author of The Passion Economy

"There's a reason hundreds of thousands of people on social media have been drawn to Jesse J. Anderson's thoughts around ADHD: he's better at combining first-hand experiences with well-researched facts than just about anybody. Extra Focus is a compelling read for those who have wondered why they just can't focus the way other people can. Packed with strategies, anecdotes and revelations, it's a must-read on the topic."

- Anna David, New York Times bestselling author

"Chock full of smart, practical advice and strategies with the perfect amount of tongue-in-cheek honesty . . . It's a must read for every ADHDer out there, regardless of where you are on your journey."

- Lindsay Guentzel, host & producer of Refocused, A Podcast All About ADHD

"Welcome to your next hyperfocus - an ADHD-friendly guide to making friends with your brain! A must-read for any ADHD-er."

- Leanne Maskell, founder & CEO of ADHD Works, author of ADHD: an A to Z

"This book was what I needed when I was first diagnosed with ADHD as an adult in my thirties. Jesse has a natural knack for making the reader feel both seen and validated in their ADHD experiences . . . His non-judgmental, relatable insights will be so valuable to someone who is just discovering their ADHD or suspects that they might be neurodivergent."

- Trina Haynes, ADHD creator and founder of My Lady ADHD

"Jesse has always been a fantastic resource on social media for me, and no surprise, his book is no different. It's perfect for the newly diagnosed ADHDer and gives helpful perspective and valuable information to just about anyone."

- Ron Capalbo, ADHD coach, advocate, and speaker